Interview with Metanoia
June 5 - 2007

Metanoia, true Australian death metal,sadly enough, now not together anymore, I contacted Yowie (vocals) and learned that he and Steve (guitars) are jamming again, so I thought it would be nice to have an interview, afterall they were quite well received

JesusMetal: Could you give a short introduction to yourself and the band ?

Yowie: Hi, Iím Yowie of Metanoia and later on in the journey Sheep. I did Vocals for both bands.

JesusMetal: How come Metanoia quitted ?

Yowie: I wasnít in Metanoia when they decided to call it quits so it's not really my place to say why they did.

JesusMetal: Metanoia is/was almost what you could call a family band. How is it to play with your parents in-law ?

Yowie: Haha..yeh, I guess it was in a way. Steve & Spud werenít my parents in-law while I was Metanoia, but even then I did look up to them and they helped me out a lot and they treated me as one of the family. It was fine playing in Metanoia. There was moments where it wasnít so great, but I would say that anyone in a band would have some knowledge what I mean. Lately Iíve been jamming with Steve again playing drums and doing some vocals. Iím hoping to find another drummer so I can focus on doing vocals. Its pretty much in the same vain as Metanoia, but with other members writing music it will have a different sound too.

JesusMetal: How did you get in contact with the band ?

Yowie: I first met the guys from Metanoia when I was about 15 and I went to a group/bible study they used to have at their house. A friend from school invited me along. So from there I became friends with them and I would go and watch them practice some times. Something came up one day where Spud said something about my vocals, because she had heard me mucking around doing some death growls. It ended up that Steve asked me to have a go at singing one of their songs, so I sang Torn By Dogs which was my favourite song of theirs at the time. I sang and then went outside to hang out with their kids and about 15 minutes or so later they had talked about getting me to sing for them and then they asked me if I would and I said yes.

JesusMetal: What bands influence you as a musician ? How do you get in the mood for writing music.

Yowie: Iíd say that that my biggest influence is Dan Weyandt of Zao. I love that guys voice and I love his lyrics. In my younger days Luke Reno of Crimson Thorn was an influence. I was blown away at how low(vocally) he can get. Bands that influence/inspire me are Zao, Living Sacrifice, Between The Buried And Me, Callisto, Naplam Death, Aletheian, Converge. I know that some of those bands lyrical content is not considered the best, but I think they are brilliant bands. I write lyrics about the state of the world and things God is showing me and taking me through.

JesusMetal: Sheep ... Tell us something about it, how come that also ended ?

Yowie: Sheep came about because Steve Sparrow, an ex-guitarist of Metanoia and myself used to hang out and we were still wanting to do stuff musically. We met two other guys, Joe Ireland(bass) and Brad Stokes(drums) and asked them if they wanted to join and they said yes. It started that it was just going to be a 3 song project. After we recorded them we didnít want to just call it quits so we kept going. Later on Steve left and then a friend, Dean, joined playing guitar and we started all over again writing totally new music. Later on Joe left and then from there, Justin came along on bass then went, then Jon came played bass and recorded with us and then left. After that we had trouble finding another bass player. Steve Sparrow would fill in on bass for us for gigs, but finding a full time bass player just wasnít really happening. After a while we werenít jamming or anything so it just basically faded out.

JesusMetal: What is your favourite Metanoia album ? And why ?

Yowie: Well, thatís sort of hard to say. I think from what I remember it was Donít Walk Dead, because round that time we were writing heavier stuff and I started having input into the songs writing some of my own lyrics. But I donít know now. There are songs that I really like on the 3 the albums and song that I donít like on the 3 albums.

JesusMetal: There was a cassette demo (or more ? ) but they aren't really known, could you tell about that too?

Yowie: Theres a demo getting around(which I only found again a few weeks ago) with some of the songs on In Darkness Or In Light on it that we did and theres one before I was in the band that is realy rare

JesusMetal: You told you and Steve are jamming again, could that be a new band ? The ressurection of Metanoia ? Would Spud be playing too ?

Yowie: Yeh, as I mentioned before Steve and I are jamming again. Hahaha, I donít think it will be a Metanoia resurrection, and Spud isnít playing bass.

JesusMetal: What do you think of the Australian christian metal scene (the old one, the current one)?

Yowie: The Australian Christian metal scene isnít too bad. To be honest Iím not in the loop as much as I used to be. Some of the old bands like Ethereal Scourge, Embodiment, Deracination and Discarnated are excellent. I still enjoy listening to those bands. Some of the recent bands are really good too And worth a mention like Embodiment 12:14, Through His Blood, Slain of Myself, Grave Forsaken, Dead 2 Life, Fearscape, Revelations. And thereís also the bands like Paramaecium and Mortification and Virgin Black that are more popular and excellent. Iím looking forward to hearing what the Paramaecium guys are going to bring out as InExordium, and what Virgin Black is bringing out this year, especially the one that is going to be the heaviest thing theyíve done so far.

JesusMetal: How was Metanoia received in the scene ?

Yowie: Metanoia was received really well in the scene. We got got good reports from the christian and non-christian scene.

JesusMetal: Any final comments?

Yowie: Thanks heaps for the opportunity to do this interview. God bless.