Interview with Antestor
10 April - 2004

I interviewed Antestor shortly after they recorded their EP and upcoming full-length. Now they just released their EP, time for a short interview.

JesusMetal: First of all, congratulations with the release of your EP!

Ronny: Thanks

JesusMetal: The first thing I noticed while listening the EP, was that of the 5 songs 'only' 2 are brutal Black metal tracks, why?

Ronny: We had a lot of "leftovers" which didn't fit into the full-lenght.

JesusMetal: You played at Bobfest a little while ago, how was it to play there?

Ronny: It was great to play there, but we didn't have the opportunity to practice as much as we wanted, so it didnt get "great"...

JesusMetal: Will you come to Holland?

Ronny: Just invite us, with some time to establish a drummer, and we'll be there.

JesusMetal: So there are no real plans for a tour at this moment?

Ronny: No plans. No plans at all actually... So if you could establish a concert or concerts we may be able to do it..

JesusMetal: The EP will be followed by a full-length, could you give some information about this release?

Ronny: I think it will be released within two months, I have no further information about that issue except that we are waiting for the cover to get finished.

JesusMetal: Even though Hellhammer playing the drums is old news already, people still wonder why he plays with Antestor, being known from anti-christian bands. Could you explain why he played for Antestor and how his 'attitude' towards the band was?

Ronny: First of all Jan Axel "Hellhammer" is a total professional. He started up together with the secular scene and worse (lol) but he doesn't care if it's secular or christian. He knew from the start what Antestor stands for. And maybe if we get the chance, we are more than willing to use him again. Cause his drumming is outstanding. I think that he is the very best drummer in the scene and we are just very lucky to have borrowed his brilliance.