Interview with Day of Disaster
24 February - 2004

Day of Disaster is an unknown band from Denmark, making Black metal. An interview with frontman Smerte.

JesusMetal: Day of Disaster is not a very known band yet, please introduce your band

Smerte: Well the band started back in 1999 as a project between me (Smerte) and friend just for fun. But I felt that I had to do something else with the band then just fun. So the other dude stopped and I tried to carry it along by myself. Our style is kinda viking metal mixed with some progressive stuff. The progressive guitars are very much due to Woozy, our main guitar man, who joined the band in 2001.

JesusMetal: You're from Denmark, I don't know many bands from Denmark, how's the scene there?

Smerte: The scene is very small! Very small indeed! There are a few metal bands who are starting to get somewhere, bands like Mnemic, Hatesphere and Stomped, but none of these bands are Christian. The only real Christian metal bands from Denmark are Day of Disaster and the metalcore band Barricades ( But I sense that something is happening in the underground. People are becoming openminded towards Christian metal. We recently had a visit from Benea Reach which was the first real Christian metal concert in Denmark ever. So something is going on.

JesusMetal: That's good news, do you hope to play concerts too some day?

Smerte: It would be great to be able to play concerts, but not right now. The band is only three people, and none of us has the time for it right now, also because of our engagement to other things such as edducation and other bands. But if the time is suddenly right there could be a Day of Disaster concert. But not as it looks right now.

JesusMetal: Of this three members, one, Blodager, only writes lyrics, why?

Smerte: Yeah that is a bit strange I know. Blodager sent me some lyrics a while back and asked if I could use them for anything in Day of Disaster. And I just thought that the lyrics were so good, that I asked him to join us as our lyricist. Also I guess you could say that he is the bands "biblehead". He really knows God, and it's good to know that someone is always praying for the band.

JesusMetal: So what's the message you want to bring with Day of Disaster? Do you see it as a christian band?

Smerte: Both yes and no. I have always felt that music is just music. No matter if you call it Black, Death, Doom, Unblack, White, Thrash etc. I don't feel that something special has to be connected with for instance Black metal. So the band in itself is just a band. But our lyrics hold something more than just words. So I guess you could say that we are a band, which is Christian. We are very aware of our Christian beliefs. No doubt about that. But we want Christians as well as non-Christians to listen to us. And if some message from God gets out through our music that's just great! We leave it to God to deliver the message, then we deliver the metal!

JesusMetal: You'll release a demo soon, called ...and in the Darkness bind them. Could you reveal some information like release date, length and tracks?

Smerte: Well the release date is kinda hard to say. It has been postponed so many times, but hopefully it will be out in March/April 2004. There is going to be 5 tracks on it, three of them are recorded and ready! It will be out on SneeuwStorm Produkties. There is one mp3 from the demo out at

JesusMetal: How is it to work with Sneeuwstorm Produkties?

Smerte: It's hard to say really! We don't get much trouble from them I can say that! The reason we are working with them is that I met one of the guys from Duister Maanlicht on a messageboard once. And I recently got in contact with him again, and he offered to release our demo, so we just said yes. It was kind of a spur of the moment thing. But until now, we have had no problems.

JesusMetal: Your demo will be called ...and in the Darkness bind them. What's the idea behind this title? And what about the name Day of Disaster?

Smerte: ...and in the Darkness bind them is from the inscription in the ring in Tolkien's Lord of the Rings. The idea is that there is one ring to rule them all, and in the darkness bind them = One Lord to rule them all, and in the darkness bind them (those who will not accept God and mock Him). The Day of Disaster name is the headline from Jeramiah chapter 16 in the bible.

JesusMetal: Which bands have influences on your music and how do you get in the mood for writing music?

Smerte: Well my main inspiration is the band that got me into Black metal; ANTESTOR! I think they are the most amazing band. But also bands like Extol, Immortal Souls, Mortification (the early stuff) have a great deal of influence. Getting in the mood to write... hmmm... Put some Enya or Loreena McKennit on the stero and light some candles. Sometimes the music just pops into my head and then we record it. It's hard to say really! But relaxation has alot to do with it!

JesusMetal: You are really respectful towards Antestor as pioneers in the Christian Black metal scene. What do you think of Horde? And which bands do you think are very influential in the scene today?

Smerte: I think Horde is good, but it's Antestor. Jayson surely created something great with Horde and I would really like to see a new Horde record one day! Bands who are influential today, I would have to say the new more hardcore/metalcore bands like The Spirit That Guides Us, Benea Reach and Selfmindead. In the scene that we are mostly into I think bands like Extol, Frosthardr, Drottnar and Vardøger are really great!

JesusMetal: Any final comments?

Smerte: Well no, not really... Except I'm looking very much forward to Bobfest and the new Antestor release. What can I say: Love each other as Christ loves you!