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Horizontal Axis Wind Turbines Windenergie; Die Amerikanische Windturbine (German)
Vertical Axis Wind Turbines What Are Vertical-Axis Wind Turbines (VAWTs)? A 3kW Kirke-Lazauskas VAWT How a Darrieus Machine works Vertical axis windmills
Theory SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH OF WINDTURBINE AWH-FAQ Perfect Turbine IntegEnerHomeSiteINR Energy production using Vortices
How to build a windgenerator Home-Built Windpower (with Hugh Piggott) Vertical Axis Wind Generator, Darrieus type (VAWG) HOMEBREW WIND GENERATOR PicoTurbine Renewable Energy Windmill and Solar Projects Alternative energy solutions, with a focus on equipment you can maintain and rebuild yourself; Project Page Building a wind generator from scratch Zelfbouwwindturbines ACS Electronics projects to build! Windmolen site (Dutch) Wind Power (David Hare) windzelfbouw-windgeneratoren (Dutch)
Generator Slotless Brushless Motors Slotless Makes Sense losses eddy current reducing Generator: slotless & brushless! Eddy current losses Energy Rewinding a fan motor to get a slow speed DC Generator 3 Phase Basics FORCEFIELD MAGNETS Permanenterregter Ringgenerator für kleine Windkraftanlagen
Commercial products Ekotheater wind energie (Dutch, list of commercially available windgenerators)) Comparison example AG WINDROTOR Windside Hydrogen Appliances - Wind turbines - Wind mills - wind power - hydrogen appliances
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