Some command are:
? For help
DXC To connect dx-cluster PI4CC
CONV To connect WW converse at PI4CC
PACKET To connect the packet radio backbone (X)net


!, ?, Bye, Connect, CONV, Dest, DXC, DXCC, DXP, Escape
Finger, Help, HOst, Info, Links, MHeard, MSessions, Nodes, PACKET, PIng
Ports, Routes, Send, TAlk, Telnet, Users

HELP lists explanations for the different commands of CLX. HELP
OVERVIEW will present you with an overview of all CLX commands. An
additional parameter may be used if you want detailed information
about a specific command. You may also request information for sub-
commands like HELP SHOW/DX etc.

help overview
Overview of CLX 5.04 user commands

Only the upper case parts of the commands have to be entered, the lower
case part is optional: SHOW/CONFIGURATION/NODES is identical to SH/C/N.
Arguments in [square brackets] denote optional characters. They may or may
not be entered. Arguments in "<" and ">" are variables. For <call> you must
specify a real callsign. CLX does not care if you use upper case letters or
lower case.

Announce <text> Announcement to all locally connected users
Announce/Full <text> Announcement to all connected stations
Announce/Node_call Announcement to a specific node
Announce/Distro_name Announcement to a distribution list
Bye Terminate connection
CLear/PROFILE Delete user profile
CLear/QSL <dx> <mgr> Delete QSL information
CONFERence Enter the standard conference
CONFERence <name> Enter the conference named <name>
DELete <nr1,..,nrX> Delete messages <nr1,..,nrX>
DELete/NODE <nr1,..,nrX> Delete messages <nr1,..,nrX> from node queue
DIRectory List last five messages
DIRectory/<n> List last <n> messages
DIRectory/<n> <call> List last <n> messages to or from <call>
DIRectory/NEW List new messages
DIRectory/OWN/<n> List last <n> own messages
DIRectory/NOde Lists messages in forwarding queue
DIRectory/NOde <node_call> Lists messages in the queue for <node_call>
DIRectory/BULletin <expr> List any bulletins matching the expression
DIRectory/SUBject '<expr>' List any messages the expression "expr"
DIRectory/BULletin <yr>/<expr> List any bulletins matching the expression
"expr" in the specified year
DX <call> <freq> [<rmx>] Enter a DX spot
EXEC/PROFILE Execute the commands in profile
GREP <pattern> Scan all bulletins for the string <pattern>
INFO/UDT <tablename> !Get information on a database table
Help Help for CLX commands
Quit Terminate connection
RCMD/<nodecall> <command> Send a remote command to another node
Read <nr> Read message <nr>
REPly <nr> Reply to message <nr>
REPly/DELete <nr> Reply to message <nr> and delete it
Send <call> <title> Send a message to <call> with subject <title>
Send <call>><nodecall><title> Send a message to <call> at <nodecall>
Send <call>@<nodecall><title> Send a message to <call> at <nodecall>
Send/Copy <#msg> <call> Send a copy of message <#msg> to user <call>
SEt/ALarm <string> Set a warning alarm for a specific string
SEt/ALive Turn on the alive timer
SEt/Announce Turn on Announcements
SEt/ANSI Turn on some colour attributes
SEt/BEep Turn on beep with DX und ANN
SEt/CHARSet <charset> Define character-filter
SEt/DISTRO <listname> <call> Add the user <call> to the list <listname>
SEt/DX_announce Turn on show dx-spots
SEt/DXDedx !Switch off "internet" spots
SEt/EXit Define exit string for talk, send etc.
SEt/FIlter <nr1,..,nrX> Set freq. or mode filter number <nr1,..,nrX>
SEt/HERE Set the here - flag
SEt/HOME_node <nodecall> Set home-node for messages
SEt/LAnguage <language> Define preferred language
SEt/LOCation <locator> Define location of your station
SEt/LOGin_announce Show user login and logout
SEt/NAME <name> Enter your name
SEt/NOALarm Turn off the warning alarm
SEt/NOALive Turn off the alive timer
SEt/NOAnnounce Turn off announcements
SEt/NOANSI Turn off colour attributes
SEt/NOBEep Turn off beep with DX and ANN
SEt/NODISTRO <listname> <call> Remove a user from the list <listname>
SEt/NODX_announce Turn off show dx-spots
SEt/NODXDedx !Turn on "internet" spots
SEt/NOFIlter <nr1,..,nrX> Unset all filters or only number <nr1,..,nrX>
SEt/NOHERE Set the nohere - flag
SEt/NOLOGin_announce Turn off user login and logout show
SEt/NOTalkTime Turn off the time in talks
SEt/QTH <name> Enter your QTH (Name)
SEt/TalkTime Set a time flag for talk sessions
SHow/ANNouncements Show last five announcements
SHow/ANNouncements/<n> Show last <n> announcements
SHow/BANDS List all bands and their limits
SHow/BANDS <mode> List all segments known for <mode>
SHow/CALLBOOK <call> !Get callbook information for <call>
SHow/CBA <call> [<call>..] !Get callbook information for <call>
SHow/CHARset Show character-set currently in use
SHow/CHARSets Show all available character-sets
SHow/CLUSTER Show cluster configuration information
SHow/COMmands Show all udt-tables incl. info header
SHow/CONFERence List all conferences going on
SHow/Configuration Show all nodes and users
SHow/Configuration/Nodes Show all nodes
SHow/Configuration/Links Show nodes structured by link partners
SHow/Configuration <call> Show users at node <call>
SHow/CONTEST Show contests in the current month
SHow/CONTEST <month> Show contests for a specific month
SHow/CONTEST <month>/<year> Show contests for a specific month/year
SHow/CONTEST <year> Show contests for a specific year
SHow/CONTEST <title> Show a specific contest
SHow/CONTEST <wildcard>* Show contests that fit a wildcard
SHow/DISTRO Show all available distribution lists
SHow/DISTRO <listname> Show members of the list <listname>
SHow/DX Show last five dx spots
SHow/DX/<n> Show last <n> dx spots
SHow/DX <band> List spots from band <band>
SHow/DX <fragment> List spots with <fragment> in the callsign
SHow/DX #<mode> List spots of mode <mode>
SHow/DX/<n>-<m> Show the last <n>-<m> spots
SHow/DX <freq1>-<freq2> Show spots in a frequency range
SHow/DX <comment> Show spots with a certain comment
SHow/DX <date> Show spots from a certain date
SHow/DXCC <call> Show DXCC Country of <call>
SHow/DXDedx Show zones defined as "internet" spots
SHow/DXFrom <call> Show which last five callouts <call> has made
SHow/DXFrom/<n> <call> Show which last <n> callouts <call> has made
SHow/DXStatistic Query which bands have had the most DX over
three time periods
SHow/EXit Show exit string
SHow/FIlter Show which filter is set
SHow/FIlterS Show all defined filters
SHow/GRAYLINE <call> Show grayline times for a specific callsign
SHow/GRAYLINE <pfx> Show grayline times for a given prefix
SHow/GRAYLINE <qthloc> Show grayline times for a given locator
SHow/HEADING <call> Show beam headings for a specific callsign
SHow/HEADING <pfx> Show beam headings for a given prefix
SHow/HEADING <qthloc> Show beam headings for a given locator
SHow/LAnguage Show which language is set
SHow/LAnguageS Show all present languages
SHow/LOg Show the last five logins/logouts
SHow/LOg/<n> Show the last <n> logins/logouts
SHow/LOg <call> Show the last five logins/logouts of <call>
SHow/LOg/<n> <call> Show the last <n> logins/logouts of <call>
SHow/MANAGer <call> !Show DX calls for which <call> is manager
SHow/PREFix <call> Show DXCC Country of <call>
SHow/PROFile Show private profile
SHow/QSL <call> !Show QSL information for <call>
SHow/STAtion <call> Show personal information of <call>
SHow/SUN <call> Calculate sunrise/sunset for <call>
SHow/SUN <pfx> Calculate sunrise/sunset for <pfx>
SHow/SUN <qthloc> Calculate sunrise/sunset for <qthloc>
SHow/SYSOp Shows who is the sysop for this node
SHow/UPTIME Show the uptime of the node
SHow/Users List of locally connected users
SHow/VErsion Show CLX version
SHow/Wwv Show recent WWV data
SHow/Wwv/<n> Show the last <n> WWV spots
SHow/Wwv <date> Show recent WWV data from <date>
Talk <call> <text> Send a talk message to <call>
Talk <call>><node> <text> Send talk message to <call> via Node <node>
Talk <call>@<node> <text> Send talk message to <call> via Node <node>
Talk <call> Switch to talk mode with <call>
TYpe/BULletin <name> Display the bulletin <name>
TYpe/BULletin <yr>/<name> Display the bulletin <name> from a specific
UPDate/PROFILE Modify/create login script
UPDate/QSL <dx> <mgr> [<cmt>] Enter QSL information
UPLoad/BULletin <name> Upload the bulletin <name> into the bulletin
UPLoad/BULletin <yr>/<name> Upload the bulletin <name> into the specified
year directory
Wwv sf=<fl>,a=<a>,k=<k> [<cmt>] Input WWV data

Commands marked with a ! are sysop configurable optional commands and
may not be available.

To find out differences between CLX and AK1A's PacketCluster software,



There is a mailinglist related to this node. Send an email
to: majordomo@pi4cc.nl with subscribe users in the body.


The filter settings are changed. sh/filters gives the new ones.
To see your settings: sh/filter, set/filter, set/nofilter

Some other usefull commands:
sh/cba, sh/qsl, sh/vhf, set/noann

Packet gebruikers worden verzocht om filters in te schakelen!
Lees bericht 6131 (r 6131)

Lokale gebruiker via 70 cm worden verzocht het packet verkeer niet te zwaar te b
Door het toenemend aantal gebruikers op 70 cm kan ik niet optijd al het verkeer
kwijt en dit heeft tot gevolg dat er vertraging gaat ontstaan.

Daarom geldt er de volgende spelregel:

Zet set/nodxdedx aan, of filter hf banden uit! (mag eventueel
10m wel zien voor 6 meter freaks)

De filter mogelijkheden:
set/nodxdedx Laat de volgende zones door 14,15, 16 ,20 en 40
set/dxdedx Laat alles weer zien
set/filter Filter activeren.
set/nofilter Filter uit zetten.
sh/filters Laat alle filters zien die beschikaar zijn.
sh/filter Laat de ingeschakelde filters zien.
set/noann Laat de annoucments niet zien
set/ann Laat de announcement weer zien.