Le notti di Lucrecia Borgia, 1959 Comment j'ai appris à aimer les femmes, 1966 La seconde verite, 1966 Symphonie pour un massacre, 1963 Les Baroudeurs, 1970 La Pupa, 1963 Angélique, Marquise des Anges, 1964, 1965, 1967, 1968 Le plus vieux métier du monde, 1967 I Tre volti della paura, 1963 Une veuve en or, 1969 The wonders of aladdin, 1961 Götz von Berlichingen mit der eisernen Hand, 1978 Ein engel auf erden, 1959 Retour de Manivelle, 1957 The making of a lady, 1968 Goodbye Again, 1961 The many faces of Michèle Mercier


Actors : Maurice Chevalier, Delia Scala, Paolo Stoppa, Colette Ripert,
Maria Frau, Agnès Tanguy, Maria-Luisa da Silva, Luciana Paoluzzi,
Mimi Medard and a very young Michèle Mercier
Director : Jean Boyer
Running Time : 98 minutes
Year : 1954

Maurice Chevalier is as roguishly charming as ever in J'Avais Sept Filles (I Had Seven Daughters). Chevalier plays an aging aristocratic who recalls his amorous history while writing his memoirs. His most vivid memory is the time that he became involved with a group of ballet dancers -- the "seven daughters" of the title. He is particularly interested in the welfare of prima ballerina Luisella (Delia Scala), though the other girls are equally easy on the eye.


Actors : Michèle Morgan, Daniel Gélin, Peter van Eyck, Bernard Blier, Michèle Mercier (Jeanne)
Director : Denys de la Patelliere
Running Time : 124 minutes
Year : 1957

Eric Fréminger, manager of a big company is ruined by his scrupulous associate, Babin, decides to end it all. One evening he tells this to Helene, his wife and Robert, her driver. But if she wants to cash in the insurance money of 300 million, it has to look like a crime. Fréminger shoots himself in the head. She begins an affair with Robert and hires a young maid, Jeanne. She tells her that her husband lives as a recluse becaus of his creditors, but in fact they keep the body in a cold room. One evening, Robert pushes the car of his Fréminger in a creek and hides the body in the undergrowth. Thanks to the testimony of Jeanne, the police has to believe Helene and Robert are innocent. At this point in time Babin reappears to recover significant papers. Helene believes that he would make an ideal culprit. To compromise him, she invites him to the villa and requests that Robert argues with her. But he hits her to hard and accidently kills her. Babin notifies the police who discover the body of Helene and arrest Robert with a double accusation of murder...


Actors : Ivan Desny, Francois Guerin, Michèle Mercier (Nicole Noblet),
Danick Patisson, Nadine Tallier
Director : Leonide Moguy
Running Time : 83 minutes
Year : 1957

Michele Mercier stars as Nicole, a young girl, who comes to the big city after winning a "new faces" contest sponsored by a movie studio. Betrayed by a man she thought she could trust, Nicole attempts suicide. She is saved from herself by her home-town fiancé, but the fact remains that she is now considered a failure. A last-minute twist of fate brings about a happy ending.

Les nuits de Lucrece Borgia

Actors : Belinda Lee, Jacques Sernas, Michèle Mercier (Diana d'Alva),
Franco Fabrizi, Arnoldo Foa lucretia
Director : Sergio Grieco
Running Time : 110 minutes
Year : 1959

Toscane in the XV century. Lucretia Borgia lusts after a handsome swordsman who works for her brother Cesare. But he is in love with Diana D'Alva. She is jealous and has them arrested. He flees and tries to release Diana, he even has to duel Cesar Borgia.


Actors : Pierre Jourdan, Michèle Mercier, Pierre Assier, Joel Holmes,
Edith Scob, Vera Belmont, Yves Barsacq
Director : Jean-Daniel Pollet
Running Time : 70 minutes
Year : 1959

A young jet set tries to stay clear of trouble while being initiated in a castle in the surroundings of Paris.

Mademoiselle Ange

Actors : Romy Schneider, Henri Vidal, Margarete Haagen, Michèle Mercier (Augusta de Munchenberg), Jean-Paul Belmondo
Director : Geza von Radvanyi
Running Time : 90 minutes
Year : 1959

In Nice a guardian angel takes on Romy Schneiders appearance to rescue playboy and racingchampion 'Pierre Chaillot' from committing suicide when his fiancé (Michèle Mercier) leaves him on the day of their wedding. She wants him to fall in love with a stewardess (Romy Schneider) who is secretly in love with him. But then his fiancé returns....


Actors : Charles Aznavour, Marie Dubois, Michèle Mercier (Clarisse),
Nicole Berger, Albert Remy
Director : Francois Truffaut
Running Time : 82 minutes
Year : 1959

Charlie Kohler is a piano player in a bar. The waitress Lena is in love with him. Charlie's real name is Edouard Saroyan, once a virtuose who gave up after his wife's suicide. Charlie's brother, Chico, a crook, takes refuge in the bar because he is chased by two gangsters, Momo and Ernest. Charlie now has to deal with Chico, Ernest, Momo, Fido (his youngest brother who lives with him), and Lena...


Actors : Robert Lamoureux,
Christian Alers, Michèle Mercier (Sophie), Françoise Fabian, Ginette Pigeon, Jean-Pierre Marielle, Perrette Pradier,
Yves Robert, Pierre Tchernia
Director : Robert Lamoureux
Running Time : 80 minutes
Year : 1960

Germain (Lamoreux) has a weakness for women, many women, married women, in fact. At the moment, he is juggling an affair with Sonia, Christine, Anne-Marie, and Sophie, enough to challenge the ingenuity of any lover, especially given the fact that all four are married. One day Germain gets a telephone call from a really burnt up husband who warns him away from his wife, or else. The only trouble is that Germain does not have a clue whose husband called and breaks up with all of them. Then he realizes that the lady in question is the one which he likes the most...


Actors : Felix Marten, Jean-Roger Caussimon, Jean Desailly, Michèle Mercier, Françoise Brion, Clément Harari, Nicole Mirel, Henri Nassiet
Director : Jacques Nahum
Running Time : 85 minutes
Year : 1960

While guarding the life of his playboy-client "A young, alcoholoic american millionair", the famous private eye Simon Templar finds himself saddled with a murder investigation. Surrounded by beautiful secretaries the Saint has to try and solve the case.

Aimez-vous Brahms?

Actors : Ingrid Bergman, Yves Montand, Anthony Perkins, Jessie Royce Landis, Michèle Mercier (Maisie III), Diahann Carroll
Director : Anatole Litvak
Running Time : 120 minutes
Year : 1961

Paula a beautiful, 40-year old, highly successful businesswoman is deeply in love with Roger. Roger is a very charming "gallant" who loves Paula but is too selfish to give up his freedom. When Paula meets Phillip, the 24-year old son of one of her rich clients, he falls hopelessly in love with her and insists that the age difference won't stand in the way of a romance. Paula resists the young man's persistent advances, but finally gives in when Roger initiates yet another affair with one of his young "Maisies." They begin an affair.


Actors : Peter Cushing, John Fraser, Michele Mercier (Louise LeJeune), Bernard Lee, June Thorburn, William Franklyn, George Coulouris
Director: John Gilling
Running Time : 89 minutes
Year : 1961

A ruthless gang of pirates terrorize a village and the local magistrate does nothing about it. Instead he blames the local fishermen for the mayhem. When the magistrate's son learns that his father is being blackmailed into protecting the pirates, he independently begins rallying forces to fight them. During the final battle both the pirate captain and the magistrate are killed. The son then assumes his father's position.

Le meraviglie di Aladino

Actors : Donald O'Connor, Noëlle Adam, Vittorio de Sica, Aldo Fabrizi, Michele Mercier (Princess Zaina), Milton Reid, Mario Girotti (Terence Hill)
Fausto Tozzi, Marco Tulli
Director : Mario Bava, Henry Levin
Running Time : 100 minutes
Year : 1961

Aladdin meets the beautiful Jalma, the Sultan's daughter who has orders from her father to find a husband, pronto. Aladdin and Jalma fall for each other, but in steps the Sultan's wicked Grand Vizier who intends to marry Jalma and eventually become sultan. The Aladdin finds a magic lamp in the Cave of Wonders, rubs it, and unleashes the powerful genie who can grant him three wishes in his quest for love, happiness, and the defeat of his evil rival.

Avengers of the seven seas

Actors : Richard Harrison, Michele Mercier (Jennifer), Marisa Belli,
Roldano Lupi, Walter Barnes, Paul Müller
Director : Domenico Paolella
Running Time : 90 minutes
Year : 1961

David Robinson (Richard Harrison) keeps standing up for the oppressed just to end up in the torture chamber himself. First he tries to stop the evil Captain from forcing innocents to dive for pearls in shark infested waters. After teaming up with pirates to get revenge on his former Captain, David turns himself in to save his father's life and is hung upside down and swung into a wall of knives. He's blamed for the destruction of not only his father's village but also the pirate's safe haven then redeems himself by saving the other prisoners from a cannibalistic tribe's carnivorous plants!


Actors : Guy Madison, Michèle Mercier (Martine Foucher), Paul Müller, Marisa Belli, Frederica Ranchi
Director : Domenico Paolella
Running Time : 86 Minutes
Year : 1961

During the time of the French revolution, female criminals are deported to the "Devil's Island" where they in return for a better treatment have to give themselves to the soldiers. Martine, a young and proud aristocratic woman refuses to degrade herself and is resigned to be tormented forever. Her sister Jeanette, also a prisoner on the island, consents to spending the night with the island's captain, Le Favre, in order to find out where the gold, necessary for an escape, is stored. Her plan fails as she is killed and the other would be escapees are tortured. Shortly thereafter, Henry Valliere, comes to replace Le Favre and his first act is to set free the would-be escapees.

Roaring years

Actors: Nino Manfrede, Gino Cervi, Michèle Mercier (Elvira),
Gastone Moschin
Director : Luigi Zampa
Running Time : 110 minutes
Year : 1962

In the thirties, during the Fascist Dictatorship, an insurance broker, Omero Battifiori, reaches a small country town from Rome looking for new customers. The main authorities, expecting an incognito inspection from the Fascist Party of the capital, suspect him to be the inspector and a very important member of the Party. This leads to a number of misunderstandings until Omero reveals his identity.

Symphonie for a massacre

Actors : Michel Auclair, Claude Dauphin, John Giovanni, Michèle Mercier,
Daniela Rocca, Jean Rochefort, Charles Vanel
Director : Jacques Deray
Running Time : 115 minutes
Year : 1963

Trouble begins when five Frenchmen try to pull off a huge drug deal. One intercepts the money and kills his friend to cover his tracks. The others are haunted by doubt and innuendo to the point where they all point fingers and guns at each other. Symphony for a Massacre is a hard-boiled French/Italian crime thriller.

The three faces of fear
(Sketch: "Il telefono")

Actors : Boris Karlof, Mark Damon, Michèle Mercier (Rosy), Susy Andersen,
Lidia Alfonsi
Director : Mario Bava
Running Time : 88/99 minutes
Year : 1963

A trilogy of three horror stories. "The Drop of Water" concerns a nurse who steals a ring off a dead spiritualist, only to have the corpse seek revenge. "The Telephone" features a prostitute (Michèle Mercier) who is terrorized by phone calls from her former lover and pimp, who has escaped from prison (this has a surprising ending)a dead client. "The Wurdalak" stars Boris Karloff as a vampire who feeds on the blood of his loved ones.


Actors : Jean-Paul Belmondo, André Certes, Michèle Mercier(Lou),
Charles Vanel, Barbara Sommers
Director : Jean-Pierre Melville
Running Time : 102 minutes
Year : 1963

Michel Maudet is a 25 year old boxer. He is sacked by his manager after a series of match defeats and is forced to look for a new job. He is engaged as secretary to a millionaire named Ferchaux who is in a hurry to flee the country when he discovers there will be an investigation into his questionalbe business deals. They travel to New York by plane and eventually to New Orleans by car. Michel plans to make off with the boss's money, but feelings of loyalty for the old man prevent him from carrying out his planned heist.


Actors : Michèle Mercier, Ettore Manni, Lia Zoppelli, Francesco Mule, Alfio Vita, Riccardo Garrone
Director : Giuseppe Orlandini
Running Time : 96 minutes
Year : 1963

A former madam refuses to sell her whorehouse to any of several interested people. Eventually she dies, and after a series of intrigues the house becomes the property of former employee Pupa (Michèle Mercier).


Actors : Bob Hope, Michèle Mercier (Lisette), Liselotte Pulver, Elga Andersen, Yvonne De Carlo, Georgia Hayes, Hugh Downs
Director : Jack Arnold
Running Time : 84 minutes
Year : 1963

The head of a United Nations department stumbles across an abandoned baby left in the building He has to find a home for the little girl. He suddenly finds himself surrounded by assorted exotic beauties all trying to win the baby for their country. In the end, though, he raises the baby himself


Actors : Gérard Blain, Donatella Turri, Michèle Mercier, Cristina Gaioni,
Silla Bettini, Umberto D'Orsi, Leopoldo Trieste, Frank Wolff, Ingrid Schoeller, Milena Bettini
Director : Giuseppe Lipartiti
Running Time : 92 minutes
Year : 1963

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Actors: Walter Chiari, Michèle Mercier, Roberto Ciccolini, Umberto Dorsi, Alice Kessler, Ellen Kessler
Director : Dino Risi
Running Time : 110 minutes
Year : 1963

Il Giovedi" (The Tuesday) is the day that misfit Dino Versini, separated from his wife, meets with his son Robertino in a desperate attempt to win the boy's love and respect. He tries to impress the boy with a luxurious lifestyle. The Italy of 1964 the way as it is show in this film has unfortenately disappeared.

Les Monstres, Opiate '67

(Sketch: L'opio dei popoli)

Actors : Ricky Tognazzi, Franco Castellani, Ugo Tognazzi, Michèle Mercier
Director : Dino risi
Running Time : 87 minutes
Year : 1963

All the myths of the sixties are satirized in 20 episodes.

Haute infidélité

Actors : Charles Aznavour, Bernard Blier, Michèle Mercier (Clara),
Claire Bloom, Nino Manfredi, Ugo Tognazzi, Monica Vitti
Director : Mario Monicelli, Elio Petri
Running Time : 95 minutes
Year : 1963

The sex-capades of several Italian couples told in 4 short stories. In "The Scandal," a dull and insensitive husband is unaware that his lonely wife has been flirting with a young stud at a vacation resort. When the husband finally finds out, he gets jealous and the marriage is renewed. In "Sin in the Afternoon," a movie producer is frustrated because his wife refuses to touch him, so he picks up a woman off the street and takes to a motel. "The Victim" tells about the relationship between an insanely jealousy woman and her husband, whom she drives away. She, seeks revenge and begins an affair with his best friend. In the final episode, "Modern People," a cheese maker with great debts is given two options: paying the debt in cash or allowing the debtor an evening of lovemaking with his gorgeous wife.

Shivers in Summer

Actors : Vittorio Gassman, Michèle Mercier (Gigi), Sandra Milo,
Philippe Leroy, Gabriella Giorgelli
Director : Luigi Zampa
Running Time : 100 minutes
Year : 1963

An army officer has a difficult time believing that an attractive woman is in fact a woman. A female impersonator asks Gigi to take over his act so he can take a break. When the officer visits the show on a weekend furlough, he sees her performance and, even though there is plenty of proof, he refuses to buy her explanation.


Actors : Michèle Mercier, Robert Hossein, Jean Rochefort, Claude Giraud,
Giuliano Gemma, Jacques Toja, Philippe Lemaire, Bernard Woringer
Director : Bernard Borderie
Running Time : 112 minutes
Year : 1964

Visiting the castle of her cousin De Plessis-Bellières, the young and beautiful Angélique de Sancé discovers a complot to kill the young king Louis XIV. She steals the box with poison and hides it. Later that night she accuses the noblemen. She is send to a convent. After she leaves the convent her father forces her to marry the much older Jeoffrey de Peyrac. He has scars in his face and limps with one leg. At first Angélique is scared but soon she falls in love with him. They live happy for a few years and they get a son. Then one day the king (Louis XIV) visits the castle and sees her. He becomes terribly jealous at Jeoffrey because Angélique is such a great beauty. There is a complot and Jeoffrey is accused of sorcery. After a mock trial he is executed.


Actors : Michèle Mercier, Jean Rochefort, Jean-Louis Trintignant, Claude Giraud, Giuliano Gemma, Claire Maurier, Noel Roquevert, Roberto
Director: Bernard Borderie
Running Time : 101 minutes
Year : 1964

After the execution of Jeoffrey de Peyrac, Angélique finds refuge at the Cour des Miracles and the boss Calembredaine, he turns out to be her childhood friend and first love Nicolas. With his help she finds back her children. After a fight between two rivalling gangs, Nicolas is shot and Angélique is taken prisoner. She escapes and flees to Barbe who now works in an inn called "Le coq Hardi". Angélique renames the inn "Le masque rouge", it is a big hit in Paris. One day she meets her old enemy, Monsieur, brother of the king, accompanied by his noblemen. A tragedy accurse, "Le masque rouge" burns to the ground and Angélique swears revenge. She calls on her friend Claude le Petit aka "Le poète crotté". He writes pamphlets in which they accuse the noblemen surrounding Monsieur. The king disapproves what his brother did but he doesn't like what Angélique is doing. He sends his best policeman to her, the former lawyer of Jeoffrey, Desgrez. He promises her a license to make and sell chocolate and 50.000 livres as compensation for the loss of "Le masque rouge", on the condition that she stops publishing the pamphlets and Monsieur's name isn't mentioned. In her new establishment she then encounters her cousin Philippe de Plessis-Bellières. She blackmails him to marry her and he introduces her to the court.

Love in four dimensions
(Sketch: "Love and Death")

Actors : Carlo Bagno, Isa Crescenzi, Michèle Mercier, Carlo Giuffrè,
Sylva Koscina, Philippe Leroy, Alberto Lionello, Elena Martini
Director : Gianni Puccini
Running Time : 107 minutes
Year : 1964

This is a film in four episodes. The 1st tale, centers on the difficulties of a Sicilian immigrant who is unable to master proper Italian. The 2nd tale "Love and Life" is about a wife who becomes so desperate to be free of her constantly philandering husband she takes on a lover of her own. When that doesn't work, she hires a gorgeous maid in hopes of finally getting proof that he is cheating. Unfortunately, things don't turn out quite the way she'd planned. In the 3rd episode, "Love and Art" a nearly exhausted screenwriter hires a secretary to help manage his typing. She's a pretty girl his wife becomes jealous and he has to fire her. He then hires a male secretary. This man also wants to write for the movies and soon begins making changes to his boss'work making him a big success. The first screenwriter is so happy about this that he even doesn't mind when his secretary begins having an affair with his wife. "Love and Death," the final episode tells about a woman (Michèle Mercier) who frequents cemeteries and pretends to be a widow mourning her husband just so that she can pick up wealthy bereaved men burying their wives, strike up a romance, and fleece the guys out of their money.


Actors : Marcello Mastroianni, Michèle Mercier (Noelle), Virna Lisi, Liana Orfei, Moira Orfei
Director : Mario Monicelli
Running Time : 107 minutes
Year : 1964

Modern-update about the famous character. This Casanova is a NATO officer who can only make love in dangerous situations.

Matrimonio alla francese

Actors : Jean Gabin, Robert Hossein, Michèle Mercier (Simone), Lili Palmer
Director : Denys de la Patelliere
Running Time : 91 minutes
Year : 1965

Brassac is a drunken veterinarian who can't resist bringing home stray animals and humans. When he brings home the beautiful prostitute Simone, Brassac is not sure he is acting out of concern or lust. He beats up her pimp when he comes looking for Simone. Later on Simone falls in love with the neighbor, and they make Brassac a "grandfather".


Actors : Michèle Mercier, Robert Hossein, Jean Rochefort, Jacques Toja, Sami Frey, Fred Williams, Estella Blain, Roberto, Philippe Lemaire, Michel Galabru
Director : Bernard Borderie
Running Time : 100 minutes
Year : 1965

After the death of her second husband, her cousin Philippe de Plessis-Bellières, who is killed in action, Angélique accepts, in exchange for the estate of Jeoffrey de Peyrac, a diplomatic mission. She has to seduce the ambassador of Persia, Bachtiary-Bey so he will sign an important treaty. This is not without danger and she finds herself a prisoner of the Bey. She is rescued by prince Racoczi, the heir to the throne of Hongary, who is ordered by Desgrez to save her. Charmed by her the Bey is willing to sign the treaty, but he wants a gift: Angélique. He is told this is impossible, because she is the favourite mistress of the king. Because of this lie she is hated by the real favourite of the king 'La Montespan" and she has to fear her live. The king calls her and wants her to be his mistress. She refuses because she still loves Jeoffrey and she can't forget him. The king then tells her that Jeoffrey wasn't killed at the stake but he was rescued. But at the same time he tells her Jeoffrey is dead, he drowned when he tried to escape. Angélique can't believe this and she asks to retire. At home there is an attempt to kill her by a poisoned nightgown, she can rescue herself. Together with Barcarolle she secretly goes to a black masse. Here she finds out that 'La Montespan' is behind the attack on her. Then one night another attempt is made but fortunately she is rescued by .... Jeoffrey. She sees him but he runs away and leaves her. Angélique is desperate but she pulls herself together and together with Savary she follows him to the south of France.

L'amante infedele

Actors : Michèle Mercier (Nathalie Neuville), Robert Hossein,
Bernard Tiphaine
Director : Christian-Jaque
Running Time : 92 minutes
Year : 1966

Pierre, an attorney in his forties, falls for a Nathalie who dances in a discotheque to work her way through medical school. He is invited to her apartment where he sees that she is living in relative luxury with the latest lavish fashions. The lovestruck lawyer can't bring himself to leave his wife over the young woman, who obviously has another man on the string. When her wealthy suitor is murdered, Pierre is accused and put on trial for the man's death. He is acquitted, but is persecuted by those who still believe he is guilty. He soon realizes that the woman he loves may be the one who committed the murder.


Actors : Jean-Claude Brialy, Michèle Mercier, Alberto Sordi, Lando Buzzanca, Alessandro Cutolo
Director : Luigi Filippo D'Amico, Dino Risi
Running Time : 105 minutes
Year : 1966

1) "The husband of Roberta" : young man marries girl maschiaccia that is for change sex. 2) "The husband of Olga" : young bride girl that to inherit should procreate. 3) "The husband of Attila" : jealous criminal discovers in flagrant the wife with a policeman.

Das gewisse etwas der frauen

Actors : Elsa Martinelli, Zarah Leander, Michèle Mercier (Franziske),
Anita Ekberg, Romina Power, Robert Hoffman, Sandra Milo
Director : Luciano Salce
Running Time : 110 minutes
Year : 1966

Just out of school, young Roberto Monti can't think of anything else but automobiles. He pursues his interest by first becoming a mechanic and then a car salesman. Soon his career, as well as personal relationships are threatened when he meets Irene who is only 16 years old. They soon discover it's a small world when Roberto's new job ends up being with Irene's aunt.

L'Angelica avventuriera

Actors : Michèle Mercier (Christine), Daniel Gélin, Valentina Cortese
Director : Denys de La Patellière
Running Time : 95 minutes
Year : 1966

Christine travels to the African desert to search for her long-lost brother. The brother had been a Nazi collaborator during war, but she promised her dying father she would return with her brother to civilization. After she finds him, she realizes he will never return home.

The oldest profession in the world
(Sketch: "L'Ère préhistorique")

Actors : Jeanne Moreau, Michèle Mercier (Brit), Raquel Welch, France Anglade, Anna Karina, Elsa Martinelli
Director : Mauro Bolognini, Philippe de Broca, Jean-Luc Godard,
Franco Indovina, Michael Pfleghar, Claude Autant-Lara
Running Time : 119 minutes
Year : 1967

A collection of sketches on prostitution through the ages.
1) "The Prehistoric Era": A caveman discovers that a cavewoman is more attractive when cave paint is applied to her face. And she can earn more seashells that way.
2) "Roman Nights": The Emperor goes out seeking a little nocturnal amusement, only to find that the high-priced, Oriental courtesan he hires is his wife, the Empress.
3) "Mademoiselle Mimi": In revolutionary France, Mimi finds that her client, the nephew of a marquis, is more interested in watching the guillotinings out her window than he is in going to bed.
4) "The Gay Nineties": When Nini discovers by accident that her antiquated customer is a banker, she pretends to be an honest woman who has fallen in love with him. She even pays him, just like a gigolo!
5) "Paris Today": Two girls pick up clients by driving around in a car, and then an ambulance. Police pull the vehicle over for speeding.
6) "Anticipation": Demetrius has just arrived on Earth from another galaxy. But the girl brought to him by the commissar, Hostess 703, is not a "physical love" girl; she's a "sentimental love" one, who only knows how to excite men with language.


Actors : Michèle Mercier, Robert Hossein, Roger Pigaut, Bruno Dietrich,
Ettore Manni, Christian Rode, Pasquale Martino, Arturo Dominici
Director : Bernard Borderie
Running Time : 95 minutes
Year : 1967

Angélique has travelled to the south of France to find Jeoffrey. She meets the duke De Vivonne who is on a mission for the king and blackmails him to take her on board otherwise she will reveal all about the black messes she has seen and in which his sister - La Montespan - took place. They sail to Sardinie when they are attacked by the Rescator who attacks all the ship of the king. What she doesn't know is that the Rescator is... Jeoffrey. Angélique jumps in the water trying to escape from the pirates. Savary is picked up by Jeoffrey and before he dies he tells him that Angélique was on the ship too. Meanwhile Angélique is picked up by d'Escrainville, a nobleman who has been banned because of a woman and who has sworn to take revenge on all women. He rapes her and throws her between the condemned pirates on his ship. She is saved by his second man, Coriano, who convinces him that Angélique could be sold for at least 20.000 sequins. Because Angélique has a fever she doesn't notice that Jeoffrey comes on board and offers d'Escrainville 50.000 sequins if he finds her. D'Escrainville who hates Jeoffrey says he hasn't seen her. He prefers to sell her on the market. After being humiliated she is sold for 200.000 sequins, Angélique is horrified by the man, but she doesn't know he is a messenger from Jeoffrey. He brings her to a palace and there she is reunited with her one and true love .... Jeoffrey. But d'Escrainville seeks revenge, he sets fire to Jeoffrey's ship and kidnaps Angélique.

Cemetery without crosses

Actors : Michèle Mercier (Maria), Robert Hossein, Lee Burton, Daniel Vargas
Director : Robert Hossein
Running Time : 90 minutes
Year : 1967

Manuel wants to visit his friends but discovers the husband has been murdered in a feud between two rival families. He promises the widow he will kidnap the daughter of the other family to avenge the killing. Manuel manages to apprehend the girl, and the widow has the girl raped. She offers the young woman back to her family in exchange for a decent burial for her murdered husband. The family of the kidnapped girl rides into town for the inevitable showdown in this violent story of murder and revenge.


Actors : Michèle Mercier, Robert Hossein, Jean-Claude Pascal,
Ali Ben Ayed, Roger Pigaut, Arturo Dominici, Helmut Schneider
Director : Bernard Borderie
Running Time : 105 minutes
Year : 1968

After he has saved his ship, Jeoffrey pursuits d'Escrainville over the waters of the Mediteranean sea. They capture the ship, but Angélique is not on board. She is sold in Algiers by d'Escrainville to Mezzo-Morte a buyer for the harem for the king of Mikenez. Jeoffrey leaves d'Escrainville tied to his ship and plans to rescue Angélique. He pretends to be shipwrecked so he can enter the Muslim city. In the mean time Angélique is in the harem of the king of Mikenez. She rebels against the instructions of Osman Ferradji, master of the harem. He wants to introduce her to the king but she refuses. Then one day she accidentally reveals herself to the king when she cries out to save Colin Paturel, head of the Christian slaves. The king is charmed by her and orders her to his chambers. When she is there she refuses him and tries to kill him. He orders her to be whipped. The favourite wife of the king is jealous of her and tries to kill her, but she is saved by Colin Paturel who is fleeing and wants to take her with him. At the same time Jeoffrey is trying to buy her free from the king by telling him the secret how turn lead into gold. When they return in the palace the discover that Angélique has flown. The king executes Osman Ferradji and sends out a search party for her. In the desert Colin Paturel declares her his love and promises her he will kill her so she won't fall in the king's hands again. But before he can do this he is shot by the soldiers of the king. Angélique faints only to wake up in the arms of ...... Jeoffrey, who whispers her name lovingly.

Les amours de Lady Hamilton

Actors : Richard Johnson, Michèle Mercier (Emma Lyon), Harald Leipnitz, Nadja Tiller
Director : Christian Jacque
Running Time : 95 minutes
Year : 1968

Noticed by the painter Romney, Emma Lyon goes to London and becomes his model. He transforms her into a woman of the world. She marries the old Lord Hamilton, but is secretly in love with Lord Nelson. She becomes the confident of queen Marie-Caroline of Naples. There she meets him again. They become lovers and after Lord Hamilton dies they marry.


Actors : Michèle Mercier, Claude Rich, Yves Afonso, Max Amyl, Roger Carel, Daniel Ceccaldi
Director : Michel Audiard
Running Time : 85 minutes
Year : 1969

Delphine's uncle has put a condition in his will, that Delphine should be a widow within three months, otherwise she won't inherit a thing. Her husband Antoine is a friendly sculptor. Nevertheless Delphine tries to kill him, she even hires a killer. This killer dies and they bury him in the place of Antoine. Delphine marries her husband for a second time.

Les Baroudeurs

Actors : Charles Bronson, Tony Curtis, Michèle Mercier (Aila), Grégoire Aslan Director : Peter Collinson
Running Time : 97 minutes
Year : 1970

Turkey during the days of revolutionary war following the defeat and collapse of the Ottoman Dynasty in World War I. Bronson and Curtis aspire to become mercenary fighters. They agree to escort three aristocratic young women and a shipment of gold to safety. But, the temptation of wealth is too much and they decide to take the gold. This is the beginning of a lot of mayhem.

La femme sandwich

Actors : Pierre Brasseur, Michèle Mercier (Catherine/Macédoine), Raymond Bussières, Luigi Cortese, Bernard Fresson
Director : Jacques Scandelari
Running Time : 100 minutes
Year : 1970

"Do you know Macédoine?" The question is heard on the radio, printed in the papers, displayed on posters in the street. In just a few days it has become a major topic of conversation. Is it a new washing powder? A revolutionary deodorant? Millions of consumers want to know. One of them is Catherine, she works as a packer in a factory, together with Roger (her boyfriend) who works on the assembly-line. Their jobs aren't very exciting, but they are deeply in love. Like everyone else they wonder who Macédoine can be. But in fact, Macédoine is no more than an idea in the head of BD, the director of the advertising agency. He is launching a new campaign, which real nature is not clear, until a contest, which Cathérine wins. She is chosen to be Macédoine. She is so much transformed that even Roger doesn't recognize her anymore and they break up. Catherine literally ceases to exist, as Macédoine becomes more and more known. But she is just a means of making money to BD, every part of her body belongs to business. They even try to own her heart by arranging an idyllic affair with a film-star who has had better days, in the hope his career picks up again. But if doesn't work and people turn against Catherine. Fortunately she meets a millionair and they fall in love, they have 12 days of happiness. But then disaster strikes when he is murdered by his wife. This finally frees Catherine from Macédoine and life begins again.

Scandale à Rome

Actors : Senta Berger, Vittorio Caprioli, Michèle Mercier (Wilma Rappi), Philippe Leroy, Nino Manfredi, Virna Lisi
Director : Carlo Lizzani
Running Time : 100 minutes
Year : 1971

This movie plays around the lounge of the duchess Silvia Santi, wife of the industrial Giorgio, they entertain guests from the aristocracy, finances, politicians and of the clergy. It seems a respectable crowd but in fact wretched and corrupted. They are stealing, committing adultrey and even murder. So everyone has secrets and wants to hide them.


Actors : Michèle Mercier (Arabella), Carlo Giuffrè, Yanti Sommer
Director : Massimo Franciosa
Running Time : 95 minutes
Year : 1971

Arabella and Bruno are lovers. Then Bruno has to leave for Milan and they decide to use this as a lovetest. But Bruno can't resist and on a party he becomes attracted to the girl Jane. Arabella is determined to win Bruno back.

Web of the Spider

Actors : Klaus Kinski, Michèle Mercier (Elisabeth), Anthony Franciosa,
Peter Carsten, Karin Field
Director : Antonio Margheriti
Running Time : 109 minutes
Year : 1971

In this remake of Castle of Blood, we see Anthony Franciosa as writer Alan Foster, who accepts a bet from Edgar Allan Poe (Klaus Kinski) and his friend Thomas Blackwood (Enrico Osterman). No one has ever survived a night in Blackwood's castle, but the skeptical Foster gladly accepts the dare. The castle is striking and scary, which soon begins to affect Foster's mind. He meets Blackwood's sister Elisabeth (Michèle Mercier) and the jealous Julia (Karin Field). Julia's portrait had intrigued him earlier, but it is Elisabeth whom Foster beds, only to see her stabbed by a stranger. The attacker's body vanishes after Foster kills him, and he quickly realizes that the castle is inhabited by vampiric ghosts. Foster must survive the horrors of the night and hold on to not only his life, but his sanity as well. When it's almost day he think he's safe and tries to go through the gate, but it suddenly closes and impales him!!
This is an atmospheric film, full of crypts, skulls and mist.


Actors : Michel Serrault, Michel Galabru, Noël Roquevert, Gerard Depardieu, Michèle Mercier (CAMEO), Claude Brasseur, Rosy Varte
Director : Pierre Tchernia
Running Time : 101 minutes
Year : 1971

France, 1930. Louis Martinet, a 59 year old bachelor, learns from his doctor, that he has only a few years left to live. He has a house in a small village in the south of France, but no income for his retirement. Realising that Martinet has no family or friends, the doctor sees his chance to acquire Martinet’s house cheaply. He persuades his brother to offer Martinet a “viager” contract, by which he gives Martinet a sum of money each year and, when Martinet dies, the house passes to the doctor and his family. A lawyer recommends that the payment made to Martinet be index-linked to the price of aluminium. In view of Martinet’s ill health, it looks as if the doctor can't lose. However, two years later, Martinet appears to be in the best of health, thriving in his new Mediterranean setting. Even the scourge of World War II only appears to benefit Martinet, and, as the price of aluminium starts to soar, his income increases. In the end, the doctor has enough of Martinet’s unexpected longevity and decides to do something about it – with unexpected consequences.

L'appel de la forêt

Actors : Charlton Heston, Michèle Mercier (Calliope Laurent),
Raimund Harmstorf
Director : Ken Annakin
Running Time : 100 minutes
Year : 1972

The tale of a man and his dog. In 1896, the dog Buck is kidnapped and sold to two adventurers , Thornton and Pete, who believe that they can become rich by digging for gold in the Yukon. On the journey to the Yukon Buck becomes the leader of pack of dogs. In the saloon, Thornton meets Calliope the troubled owner of the pub who dreams of opening a hotel. When Thornton and Pete find gold a disaster happens.

Götz von Berlichingen

Actors : Raimund Harmstorf, Michèle Mercier (Adalheid), Ulli Bauer, Klausjürgen Wussow
Director : Wolfgang Liebeneiner
Running Time : 102 minutes
Year : 1978

This movies refers to Goethe's "Götz von Berlichingen" but doesn't come close to the real thing.

Jeans, basket et Coca-Cola (France: video title)

Actors : Bernard Le Coqchèle, Michèle Mercier (Michèle Dubreuil),
Géraldine Danon,Catherine Amiel, Michel Stano
Director : Michel Patient
Running Time : 92 minutes
Year : 1984

Aphrodite who is 14 years, falls in love with Olivier the best friend of her older brother. At first he hesitates but then falls in love with her too. We see how the young people discover love and themselves.


Actors : Barbara Livi, Michèle Mercier (Rachel (elder), Vladimir Cruz,
Franco Interlenghi, Giuseppe Zarbo
Director : Piero Vivarelli
Running Time : 105 minutes
Year : 1998

Rachel, a character who has really existed, is the famous dancer who introduced Rumba in the theatre. The film is set on the historical events of Rachel's life, from the beginning of the century till the "triumpho de la revolucion". Because of her relationship with Eusebio, who belongs to the upper classes Rachel and her mother ar forced to leave Cuba to go to Italy. Because of the danger of war, Rachel and her mother have to go back to Cuba. Thanks to her relationship with a judge and the introduction of Rumba she has great succes. Unfortenately the dictatorship of Machado hinders her success. Rachel decides to break the relationship with the judge and invests her savings in brothels. But directly after the war the Italian-American Mafia and the CIA - who support the dictatorshop of Batista -, take over the game of chance and the brothels...