Naast het bespelen van veel verschillende muziekinstrumenten is ook het zoeken naar mooie instrumenten een grote passie van de bandleden.
Op deze pagina staan foto's van instrumenten, die we kunnen gebruiken met optredens en opnamens.


national style O deluxe
National Resophonic style O deluxe

National Duolian 12th fret steel body and flat cut f-holes (non original white paint)

National triolian 1934
National Triolian 12th fret steel body and rolled f-holes

dobro H33
Dobro H33 14th fret brass body.

dobro F60
Dobro F60 squareneck. One of the last F60 made by Gibson in the U.S.A.

hounddog dobro d60
Original Hound Dog Dobro D60 Made bij Rudy and Emil Dopyera at OMI. On the front of the peghead "the original Hound Dog" shield, on the back the "Dobro"shield.

Tricone squareneck
Tricone squareneck with custom engraving (name on the side, flowers on the front and a angel with stars on the back)

van spronssen dobro
Arie van Spronssen squareneck dobro. Nice curly maple body and neck. More info: 

squareneck dobro
Squareneck dobro with special design bracing at the top and back. Best sounding dobro ever!

dobro bass
Dobro bass by Richwood. 

resonator tenor guitar
Steel body resonator tenor guitar. This thing is loud!!!

regal parlor
Regal parlor guitar with nice pearloid fretboard.

harmony parlor
Harmony parlor solid birch with nice painting on the body.

santa cruz d-c
Santa Cruz D-C Dreadnought Great sounding guitar.


resonator mandolin
Resonator mandolin. Custom engraving (flowers on the side and naked lady on the back)

gibson AJR snakehead mandolin
Gibson AJR snakehead mandolin.

gibson trap door mandolin
Gibson Trap-door mandolin. The "jug band killer"

Levin flatback mandolin
Levin flatback mandolin

kentucky KM-1000
Kentucky KM-1000 mandolin made in the Maruko plant during the Sumi era. More info:

Samick f-style
Samick F-style mandolin. 


small and big triolian ukes together
Nationol Triolian ukes together.

national big body triolian uke
Big body National Triolian uke With early screen hole coverplate

dobro uke
Dobro ukelele made bij the Regal company from Chicago

small body National Triolian
Small body National Triolian uke

Old banjo-uke or banjolele with carved heel.

National style 2 uke
National style 2 uke

National soprano uke
National Resophonic steel body Soprano uke.

National concert uke
National Resophonic steel body concert uke

It's the amazing FLUKE. 


Gretsch tenor banjo.

Openback 5 str. with carved heel. Great for clawhammer.

Masterpiece 5 string banjo More info:

Other instrumentes:

Jacco's gasoline can JUG with a car horn kazoo

Jacco's stovepipe. 4 in 1!  You can use this instrument to play like a tuba, a stovepipe, a kazoo or use the train whistle.