Genealogy family Waterreus

There are 4 versions of the database:

  1. (Oldest):
  2. moved by Ziggo to; moved by me to
    The relationschipinformation still used this version of the data
  4. moved by Google to causing al links to change into download links; by me moved to
    Most of the Extra reports (like the Parenteel van Adgid II) are still based on this version.
  6. moved by Google to; moved by me to
    The older standard reports (like Kwartierstaat van Jan Jacob Waterreus [K] and Parenteel van Dirk waterreus [P] are based on this version)
  7. (Newest):
  8. At the moment most standard reports are already based on this version, the List of Family Names is also based on this version.

The old versions (and reports based on them) still can be found by Google.
From the address of a page the version can be determined. On most older pages there is a link to a newer version

Since 01/24/2011 the information of was also available on
This site was faster and could compress data what maked getting data from it even faster. The site is wrongly being assessed by a provider script as being not in conformation of their term of service, so it got suspended a few times.
I therefore made some adjustments and have in March 2012 transferred the site to (with the same provider). Ik hope that this new site will not trigger the suspension again.

I now also have data on, a site where people can work together on a family tree. On Geni my data is now part of a tree with over 65 milion profiles.
The basic data of 100.000 profiles from closer related families on Geni I put on Geneanet
(I have data on only a few thousand of those; on most I have no data at all).

Geni does not offer an similar export possibility anymore, so I has become very difficult to update the data on Geneanet and the index.
I do enter a lot of new information on Geni at the moment, so I made a separate index to show my recent Geni updates: Recent Geni updates

In 2013 has gotten some problems preventing users to update the content there. At the moment they are testing a replacement:
I have made a test site there: If it works without problems I will trafer the latest information from to it and will have removed.

At the moment I do not have much time, so it will take time before I can put a new complete database overview with reports on the web.
I did make a lot of corrections and additions to my data however, so I decided to put a synopsis on the web and update that a few times each year.
It is not filtered on quality and uses a primitive privacy filter (dates after 12/31/1899 are filtered). This data can be found here and here.

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