Translation help

If you can't read Dutch you may want to look here or try to use another translation service like, or (copy the address of the page you want to translate before going there) or (use the free website translator tab). You can also try a word for word translation at sites like

Also note that the Family pages database is in English and that from most reports in Dutch you can link to the database so that you can get a partial translation that way.

Some assistance for the English speaking:

Dutch English
achternaam surname / family-name
beroep occupation
begraven burried
beknopt summary
dochter daughter
doop of geboorteplaats baptise or birth place
en and
geboren born
gedoopt baptised
gegevens data
jaar year(s)
<xx> jarige at the age of <xx>
jongste youngest
hij he
huwelijk marriage
huwde married
is overleden has died
kerkelijk huwelijk marriage in the church
kinderen children
kwartierstaat report of ancestors
leeftijd age
met with
moeder mother
na after
[NH] Dutch reformed
NH Noord Holland (Dutch province)
nummer number
omstreeks about
oud old
oudste oldest
overleden died
overlijdens of begraafplaats place of death or burial
relatie living together
[RK] Roman Catholic [faith/religion]
roepnaam alias
stamboom family tree
trouwde married
vader father
van of
voornaam first name/given name
vr before
voorvader ancestor
werd aangegaan entered into
(N.K.) NoorderKerk (church/place)
woonplaats residence
zie see
zij she
zijn te vinden are to be found
ZH Zuid Holland (Dutch province)
zoon son