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This website is still under development and mainly in Dutch (Dutch version), but it also contains much information in English.   Latest change: 2018.10.02

I am looking for additional data for my ancestor circle

My data can be found on multiple sites. - The main site          - Mostly older data, reports and charts (2010).                    - More recent reports (dating from September 2013)
on it now. A newer report (multi language) with data including 2016 is now available - Will replace
My sites and are with a free provider and thus are sleeping 1 hour each night (Central European time).

I also have data on:
Google Sites (links, some reports and pictures),
Geni             My profile on Geni              Family Tree   Search on Geni
Geneanet      My Geneanet startpage       Family Tree   Search on Geneanet

Geni is a site where it is possible to work together on a family tree and also to join trees.
I'm currently entering data on Geni (a site that is trying to make one big world tree). Look for an index on related families on Geni here
To get an impression of my Geni tree (over 140,000,000 profiles) look at this link. The link shows only a very small part that tree.

I made a new
overview with theSeptember 2018 data.

My latest data (updated more frequently then rest of the sites) here, here or here

At the moment I don't have much time to update all my sites, that is why I publish that overview of my latest data.
The program I use to generate the data for that has some limitations and has no ability to filter on data and relations I still have to research (so be careful using this data!). It also does not has a Privacy filter, so I removed all dates from 1900 and later.

A new report (in multiple languages) is available with all my data till 2017. (The pages are dynamically generated so they take some time to display)

Versions multiple versions are available  version info    Older versions    Change history (for complete list see the Dutch version of this page)

Surname cloud (20 most occurring names)    List of Family Names   Well known ancestors op Geni     Family Index    Index page (>35000 persons >16000 families)

To find additional info try searching the family name on my Family Index and then using the search button for a family member, or use the search button on my recent data to search Geni for additional information

Index: Surname   Firstname   Places, name, occupation   Occupation (in Dutch), name   Date   Surname, Place, Date event   Surname, Initials, First/Given names, dates, partners   Alt. location 1 files (10.5 MB)    Relationship   Search

Guestbook   Mail       English Help       Links           Legend of the Waterreus [Waterreus translates to Water Giant] (in Dutch with thanks to Nico Waterreus)  (alt. location)

Waterreus tree Text version   Graphical version (Dutch)   Geneanet               Ronald Waterreus (the goalkeeper)               Social sites with Waterreus members

There also is a Waterreus family tree on Geni      Geni index on related people (100,000 persons) with link to Geneanet summary     Search Geni

Reports (work best with javascript enabled)
(when clicking a link does not work, please click 'Restore Frames'; the report may then be opened in a different window, there the links should work again.)

Grafical Charts - Family
Genealogica Grafica 10.000 persons   Dynamic Family Tree all persons, multiple language support    [both with search possibility; javascript must be enabled]

Grafical Charts - Family tree (in Dutch)
S - Jacob Snabbe  S2 - Dirck Waterreus  S3 - Willem van der Specke  S4 - Karel de Grote   Alt. version  S5 - Jan Jansz Knotter  Alt. version

Grafical Charts - Ancestors (in Dutch)
KG - Jan Jacob Waterreus (without children, but with link to the database)   Jan Jacob Waterreus (with children, but without database links)

Text reports - Descendants
Pe - Dirck Waterreus   Alt. version [1 file 4.5 MB] (Alt. in Dutch, without database links, pictures cannot be expanded to full size)   Compact version in Dutch [1.5 MB]
P2e - Cloderic the Parricide (Wikipedia) (also contains information on Charles the Great of Charlemagne) (alternative version [13 MB]) ( Dutch)

Text reports - Ancestors
K - Jan Jacob Waterreus (for now in Dutch)

Various Reports (changing content, also on request) [last change 20091101]

Based on Geni

Descendants of Dirk Waterreus on Geni    Descendants of Dirk Waterreus on Geneanet

Grafical Charts - Family tree
Gérard de LANDEN with links to Geni data

Grafical Charts - Ancestors
Jan Jacob (Job) Waterreus with links to Geni data

Book (in Dutch) with data and pictures of the Knotter of Cnotter, Knopper en Knoppert family (20-5-2009)

Used data and justification

I have used some data of already in my possession but mainly data found on the Internet and received corrections and additions (highy appreciated).
My cousin Joop Aangeenbrug has done much research on the Knoppert familie. He has put part of the information into a book (in Dutch) and added many pictures he received from members of this family.(see de familie Knotter of Cnotter, Knopper en Knoppert)

In the reports I put a number of links to the places were I found information on the Internet (many do not exist anymore). A number of websites has data on so many persons that I did not put a reference with all persons. I tried to mention all sites at least once though. The website of Wouter Bouwman ( deserves a special mention, it has much information that I could not find elsewhere. For more information see the link pages. Webadresses change so fast that it likely some links won't work anymore.

The trees for Hessel Jacob Snabbe and Willem van der Specke may be usefull for those who seek connections to their own family trees.

The information in the trees of Cloderic and Karel de Grote (Charlemagne) is very speculative and is probably wrong in a number of places. According to Frans Angevaare this is the case for at least three connections: The connection to Karel de Grote via Catharina van Foreest: On the KdeGrote-site it is argued that this line is incorrect. Then Frans van Genits: it seems that this was only a assumption of J.v.Duivenvoorden which has beeen copied frequently. Frans Angevaare has heard that the known genealogist H.Jacobs has researched this and has been to Mechelen for it. Thirdly the line Schilperoort: which is from a non documented LDS genealogy.

Ronald Waterreus - the Goalkeeper

Ronald Waterreus is family. His full given names are: Ronald Catharina Martinus and he is present in Family tree and the descendant report of Dirck Waterreus.

Contact data

Correspondence please to:


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Privacy, additions and corrections

For living persons the birth- and relationship dates are not mentioned.
When you have objections to the publishing of certain data, or when you have any corrections, additions or requests for information please contact me.


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2 October 2018. Added a new overview with September 2018 data

12 June 2018 Updated this page. I'm no longer updating my change history on Geni, so I removed those links. I'm also no longer mirroring content on (that site has more up to date info then

12 February 2017 A new report (in different languages) is available with all my data till 2017

7 February 2017 has some problems. I copied it to and changed the links on this page to the new location.

18 October 2015 has been removed.

14 feb 2015 Made some changes in the rendering of to make it easier to read on smaller screens and updated the latest info on and

11 July 2014 Updated some of the information on this page and uploaded a new version of the ancestor circle

March 2014 Test data was removed from (It is unclear when this site will become available again. I'm using as an alternative)

24 Februari 2014 Updated the family data pages on so that they show pictures when available.

15 Februari 2014 The site seems to be the victim of a DDoS, so I have put the test data on as well.

2 February 2014 There is a new test version of my data (dating from september 2013) on now

25 January 2014 Some layout changes and extra links on this page

15 October 2013 Latest data updated with many marriage dates. Added a page with well known ancestors on Geni.

18 August 2013 New overview report with latest data added.

March 2013 cannot be updated anymore

20 January 2013 I put links to Geni and Geneanet on some of the families that are also present on Geni and/or Geneanet. On Geni they are part of a family tree of over 66 milion profiles. On Geneanet it is possible to find the path between two profiles.

6 June 2012 In a number of cases name information is missing on Geni. For these profiles the indexes on where wrong for those profiles. I corrected those index entries. (Those entries are indexed on the internal Geni number now and can be found on the index page for Unknown)

29 April 2012 I have added an index on occupation (in Dutch)  

16 march 2012 I have replace with and made some changes to filenames and filetypes (hoping that that will prevent the site to get blocked again). Please report any wrong links (I had to change them all manually)

20 February 2012 The is suspended again. Use instead (in url replace with I'll try to find a solution for

17 January 2012 There are some problems with the automated spam checks on The used filenames will trigger a suspension of the account. The account may be suspended again. I'll try to work out something with them.

17 December 2011 Changed the page layout and added some links

15 October 2011 Added a search on Geni for Family members

31 January 2011 Added a Dutch version of the family pages on (Use the link on top of English page under the menu.)

27/28 January 2011 Added links to kinship information in the latest version of the database pages (kinship information is based on an older version of the database).
New version of the Geneanet index is available now (it contains information that is not present here; when you cannot find the information here please send an e-mail)

7/8 January 2011 In de latest version of the database pages links to index pages on familynames added. These index pages give an overview of the persons with the clicked lastname in the database and also gives the possibility to use this data to saerch the internet (use search button)

25 December 2010 - 6 januari 2011: Updated some menu links from woelmuis to comze (faster). Comze will compress pages when a browser can handle it (most can). This is much faster. Updated some files om (maps and grafical charts should work again). Updated some index pages to automaticly show top menu when javascript is enabled (work in progress).

Since 20101224 I'm using (only the most recent information) as an alternative for (free webhosting by Web Hosting) is mostly faster then

Since 20101224 I'm also using as an alternative for It only has the most recent information and seems to be faster then most of the time.

23 December 2010 A new index on Initials per lastname is now available (for latest version of the database).

18 December 2010 Added extra links to latest version of the database for Internet Explorer users for Help, Showall (makes it easier to see all data), Repors and Charts

8 December 2010 Extra references to index on Surname, Place and Date event (Birth/Christening,Address,Marriage/Relation and Death/Burial) added

4 December 2010 New version of index on Surname, Place and Date event (Birth/Christening,Address,Marriage/Relation and Death/Burial)

4 December 2010 Index on Surname, Place and Date event (Birth/Christening,Address,Marriage/Relation and Death/Burial) added. The index also shows the place of birth for the father and mother (when known)

17 September 2010 Added Previous / Next page links and link to Dutch version (with some extra information) to the top of the English version of the descendant report for Cloderic

16 September 2010 English version for descendant report for Cloderic added

9 September 2010 Created separate main pages for English and Dutch

7,8 September 2010 English version of the descendant report for Dirck Waterreus added

A large part of this site was hosted on Google Pages (discontinued by Google and migrated to Google Sites). That part of the site does not work anymore.
I'm now using as alternative
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