My requests

This page will contain several sound bites taken from radio broadcasts featuring tunes that I'm looking for.
Some titles of tunes that I'm looking for:
  • DJ Nut Nut - Back In The Days (1995?) Has this been released???
  • Kirsty - Poltergeist (De Underground) (1996)
  • Unknown (download, 32kbps/2:30/500kb) (Don't Wanna Miss out... On A Good Things vocals, from DJ Probe set, Kool FM, 26 Aug 1995).
  • Unknown (download, 32kbps/2:30/500kb) Get-No-Disc - Get-No-Dat, female 'Coming natural' vocal, male 'By the forces of nature I come with stylistic simplicity (One In The Jungle, BBC Radio 1, 20 Sep 1996)

The following records I'd like to get the artist and titles of:

  • Easy #10
  • Easy #18
  • Noir #4

And from a friend I've gotten the following record to ID:

  • Lionheart (10")
If you have any information on these tunes, have a copy to sell me (or for trade) or can supply me with an MP3 I would be forever gratefull...
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