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I have various Drum 'n' Bass mix CD's available. Click on the dates in the side bar to see the listing of a specific mix. I usually have long transitions in my mixes, which is why there aren't that many tunes in the mixes. Most mixes are very close to the 80 minute mark. Some are longer...

Not all mixes I do make it to CD, only the ones I think are good enough.

If you want one or more mixes from me there are 2 possible options:
  1. Click on E-mule links in the menu and use the links there to queue the mixes and cue sheets (or follow the links to view the playlists).
  2. Or you can contact me. If you've got something to offer we can trade, otherwise you can buy an audio CD with a single mix or an MP3 CD with about 4-5 mixes for a low fee.

If you've got some 100MB spare room, and are willing to host a mix, please contact me!

The equipment used:
Set mixed on 2x Technics SL1200-LTD with Stanton Trackmaster II SK stylii (since January 6, 2001 replacing the Ortofon Concorde stylii) and Numark DM3002X mixer.
The mixes were recorded on either Pioneer D05 DAT recorder, Minidisc or harddisk, transfered to PC, cut up (so the CD is indexed!) and burned.

For more information you can send an e-mail to me (and don't forget to remove the first character...) 

New mixes will be added regulary, though there are more available for download than there are listed here. All mixes have a cue sheet with tracks listed or a separate info file with the playlist.

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