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v2.0.10b (2007-01-08):


Those one MySpace may want to check out RollDaBeats or myself (yeah, I have no friends ;) )

v2.0.10 (2006-10-11): Not really an update... but I am currently more active on the RollDaBeats forum. The idea is to later incorporate the sample info into the database. But until then the forum is a good option, as it also allows verification of samples.
So if you have some info to add, please visit the sample sources forum on RollDaBeats.com.
NOTE: due to a recent spam flood you need to be registered at the moment. Unregistered posting should be open when the new Invision Power Board version has been released. If you really don't want to register you can still send an e-mail to me at the usual adress or to the user manipulator on the domain rolldabeats (and that ends with a com).
Also removed the Nedstat code because they have added some stupid pop-ups!

v2.0.9 (2005-03-09): Believe it or not, but the previous update was an accident (which is why the date is the day after V2.0.7!)... I uploaded everything because the style sheet had changed, and unintentionally uploaded the list as well... I had lots more lying around which I hadn't added yet.
Still not fully up to date, but I thought I'd do an update to go with RollDaBeats...
If you want to contribute to this list you can post it in here.
And a big shout out to Hymie... nice to hear from you again!

v2.0.8 (2004-03-04): Some big changes up ahead... more will probably follow in the next update...
Ian Saunders sent in a few new ones. And some from myself.

v2.0.7 (2004-03-03): I hope updates will be a bit more frequent now...
Anyway, Rob McMeekin sent in some more updates and additions.
Flowdown identified the Eek-a-mouse that was in the partially identified list.
Rafael from Brazil sent in that the horns sample that's used a lot isn't Bam Bam, but actually The Techniques with Stalag (hence the Stalag version of Bam Bam).
And added a sample I forgot last time: Voodoo Ray as used in Squash.
I think there are some more... but as usual I forgot about them...
On a sidenote: I saw in a thread on DOA stating that it was a shame this list didn't ID more samples used in new tunes. Well, the reason is simple: new tunes either have no samples or samples from movies (and I don't watch that many movies).

v2.0.6 (2004-01-22): YES!!! Finally solved one of my long-time requests... by just listening to one of my all-time favourite records again...
The vocal in S/O/R's Peace Sign is from Roland Clark's Urban Soul outfit!! Not their brilliant "Alright" but the still awesome "Always".
Also added Shirley Bassey on which Un-Cut based their hit-tune and some NWA, Sinnamon and Inner City ID's.
And next to that there's a load of submissions, additions and corrections. So a big thanks to Hymie, Frank Waldheim, Rob McMeekin, Roleback, Simon Reynolds, Inkel Recordings.
And a very special HUGE thanks to Mike W for giving the ID's for Acen and Leviticus!!
Oh... and sorry for the long delay...

v2.0.5 (2003-05-13): It took me a while, but I'm finally back with a banging update!
I've added most of what I've received over the months, just a few that need some more research are left... No real list of what's new this time. Look for the logo...
A big thank you to everybody who has helped with info for this update... (this time I think I also added everybody to the contributors list ;) If you're not listed, let me know! )

Some notes:
Sample ID for Zinc's "So Damn Fresh" isn't Sublime, but Mobb Deep. ID for Jane's Addiction - "Had A Dad" removed. Downloaded the tune, but couldn't find anything used in the original or Foul Play remix of HOE - "Lord of the Null Lines". I think the original sender may have thought about the "huh" from the original, but in my opinion that sounds closer to the one that Mantronix used on a few of their tunes (like the end of "Scream").
A BIG thank you to Barticle for giving the ID for the Lonely vocal...

v2.0.4 (2002-10-15): Decided to release an intermediate update. There's already a lot in here, and a whole lot more waiting to be added thanks to Ian Saunders (2 down, 2 to go...), Purity Control and Donald and myself (wanna know where Andy C got the vocal from his hit "Cool Down" from??? just wait untill the next update...)

But what's in the current update:
DJ Destiny (now FullRecycle.com) sent in a sample from New Jack City.
The new batch of records from the last trip to London revealed tracks using LFO, Jungle Brothers, Eek-A-Mouse, Temptations and Loleatta Holloway.
And Ian Saunders sent in a whole bunch of ID's...
WHOOPS!!! While adding Ian's ID's for Sinnamon I saw there was only 1... instead of the 4 additional ones I added last time (which miraculously vanished!!!).

v2.0.3 (2002-08-19): Well, I have a short holiday break, so there's time to update again! Quite some new ID's this time, and I'm slowly starting to change some things again. If you look at the Ultramagnetic MC's ID's you see the vocal used is listed with the sampling artist.
So what's new?
Stumbled on the Trainspotters messageboard and nicked one from there...
Also DJ Virus sent in some new ID's. Look for Mary J Blige, LL Cool J, Inner City, Stephanie Mills, Eazy E, Public Enemy, EPMD, Ultramagnetic MC's, Tears For Fears and a lot more...
My mate Donald came up with the other sample in Messiah's "Temple Of Dreams" (we already had the movie Running Man).
And my own find: Flex ltd 1 used the MAW track "Deep Inside" (awesome track by the way... uses vocal from another MAW tune "Beautiful People", both are on the Anthology pt 1). And did the first Sinnamon (it's a male by the way!) tunes I could find... but there are lots more (I can think of a Skynet and a Dylan tune...)
Together with Donald added 2 new ID's for the Ultramagnetic MC's and 1 for Jomanda. And when trying to solve an ID for somebody also came across 'Out Of Space' that used S/O/R.
And an extra special shout, thank you and all around praise goes out to Rob Phokus for giving the ID for the "helicopter break"!

v2.0.2 (2002-05-12): Well, it took a long time, but finally some new ones... Dillinja used Voices In The Dark. The Thompson Twins were used by S/O/R and in an old Masters At Work tune. Adam F used Clubland in one of his old classics. 2 vocals used by MC Jay J & Devious D. On the 'Tuned In' album on CIA MIST used OMD, Total Science used the overused Love Sensation (you know? Black Box - Ride On Time...) and Future Cut used the Lafayette Afro-Rock Band. And Ray Keith timestretched the intro of Loose Ends.
Only Peshay hasn't really stuck with the normal idea. Instead of sampling a disco break, he samples a new tune... that sampled a disco break...

v2.0.1 (2002-01-21): Yes. I've increased the major revision number!!! While surfing recently I came across DJ Destiny's Oldskool site Kikit (now FullRecycle.com), which also had a samples department. So I asked if I could use missing parts from his list and he agreed!
I also took this to remove all ID's for records that are like jungle versions of tunes (like the DJ's Unknown series). And I removed the Frankfurt tunes. They're so wack, they don't deserve to be mentioned here!
For good measure I also added a bunch of ID's for old tunes...
I'm now also using graphics to denote new ID's and a new background is on the way...

2002-01-16: Added 3 samples from DJ Virus (Real Roxanne and 2x Degrees of Motion) and, well, actually 4 from myself: Raw Silk, Avengers theme, Lisa Stansfield and... Degrees Of Motion (also had the Darkage ID on my own list ;) ). I know there's more coming from me... it's just that playing/mixing and actually writing down the samples are two different things...

2001-12-02: Time flies... after a month we've got another update. This time some samples sent in by Hymie.

2001-10-31: Sonz Of... sampled Shades of Rhythm and the Jungle Brothers in Freedomism remix.

2001-10-07: My internet connection has been down the last couple of days. Changed the color scheme of the page (still experimenting...). Also, beastie boys sample isn't "Hold it now, hit it". Added new one for Dylan sampling Tramaine and Total Science using Mariah Carey. Got a bunch of others, but I need some time to look them up.

2001-09-30: Hymie sent in a correction for the Lost Boys movie and added one from myself: Congo Natty sampling Cymande. Also updated listing for Rose Royce sample in Altern 8.

2001-09-25: Added High Contrast, who sampled Seduction and SS who sampled 808 State.

2001-09-21: Hymie sent in a bunch of new ID's, corrections and questions. And DJ Virus sent some as well!

2001-09-08: Hymie sent in a bunch of ID's and asked why there weren't more ID's for Amen... well, I hope this is enough for now...
Also, I think I'll follow Hymie's e-mail and add record labels for the jungle tunes...

2001-09-03: New Jack Pimps sampled Kym Mazelle.

2001-09-01: Back from the UK. Bought about 140 Drum 'n' Bass 12s!!! Also had a great time at the Fabric on friday (Thanks Ash!). And I've got some new ID's.
Added Darkman sample used in R-Type (already knew it, but forgot to add it), Zhana as used by Bukem (didn't know which jungle tune it was... thanks Ash!) and Blue Pearl as used in Future Cut.
Removed Bomb The Bass - "On The Cut" (Vocal: We Are Eeeee...). Vocal is from some (muslim?) prayer album and was just sampled by Bomb The Bass as well (thanks Ash)

2001-08-24: Added the vocal for Unreal on Biotic (Cuba Gooding jr) and noticed Hype used De La Soul for a Johnny Jungle remix.
Okay. I'm off to the UK. I should be at the Fabric tonight. Back in a few days...

2001-08-19: Another not-really-jungle ID. S/O/R used Whodini in their remix for Saffron.

2001-08-18: Just listened to the Clockwork album by Skynet and Stakka... and finally identified where I heard that "Every day of my life" vocal in First Choice (Rufige Kru).

2001-08-14: 50th this update is Murphy's Law. Next update will see an increase in the minor update number. Thanks to Rapture's Old Skool Pages also listed the titles for White House 44X. Also changed some typo's and took Everything But The Girl title from the samples FAQ (was in unknowns section).

2001-08-13: Aquasky used First Choice, found typo and rewrote part of the intro.

2001-08-12: Added ID for Total Science - Jet Set. And Beastie Boys tune is "Hold It Now, Hit It". I Think.

2001-08-08: While cutting up a sample CD for a friend, came across yet another sample from Jocelyn Brown! This time used in Twin Bass.

2001-08-08: Another lost one... vocals from CB4. Knew this for ages, just couldn't remember which jungle tune used it...

2001-07-26: 9 new ID's from DJ Virus (1 corrected by me) and finally thought of adding Depeche Mode... And one I nicked from alt.music.jungle

2001-07-19: Added vocal used in Psychotropic. Thanks Donald!

2001-07-17: Sifting through old stuff yesterday (searcing for Disco loops) came across a WAR sample that Q-Bass used.

2001-07-16: Acen sample doesn't seem to be Sinead O'Connor. Added it as a requested ID.

2001-07-15: Added the song title for Minnie Ripperton and an old one for Isotonik.

General information

Hello and welcome to this listing of stuff sampled in jungle/drum & bass tunes.

I basically started this after seeing the samples FAQ back in 1996, but that list was, certainly back then, just for sources of things sampled in rap (and yes, now even some DnB tunes pop up). So I started my own samples list. First only using my own knowledge, but after a while I also got input from others. Then in 1997, when I graduated and thus lost my university web space, the samples page stopped. In June 2001 I stumbled on the list again and thought it was a nice idea to put it up again. After a while I also started adding new ID's (which also had to do with people asking why I didn't update it...) And soon after that people were sending in ID's again...

One difference between Xombi's Samples FAQ and my list is that for beats I do not intend to list every tune that has used that beat. At someone's request I heavily increased the tunes for Amen, but for me it's still just to give an idea which beat it is.

As you can probably see, no information is listed about the sources. Tunes don't have albums, labels or years listed. If there's a need I can add it (at least for some). The main reason it wasn't done is because most of the samples are from 12" anyway! But then it would still be possible to list the label and year. So let me know!

Not all recognised samples are included because there's a whole bunch of which I haven't identified the jungle tune they're in! I think I'll have to add more tunes sampling the well known beats, since the current ones are quite old!

The version number is calculated as follows:
Every now and then the minor version number is updated and the update counter is reset.
Added records since the last minor update are marked with a flashing NEW sign (*), or in text mode an asterisk (*).
Records added in the update before that are marked with a faded NEW sign ([*]), or in text mode an enclosed asterisk ([*]).

There are a few non-breaks tunes listed to clarify samples.

ID wanted

Here again is a partial list of what I'd like you to solve:

I (or others) would like to know the original records with the following vocals:


Thanks to the following people for their contributions:
Donald Van Wasbeek (my musical partner), Jeroen Polak (who's a great source for unused beats!), DJ Ash, DJ Virus, Hymie, Rob Phokus, Mr. Hastey, Barticle, Ian Saunders, MadXTC Tuxedo, Simon Balissat, DJ Soul-on-Ice, Dan Mac, Niall, DJ Protesta, Chris Begg, DJ DFX, Mike W, Frank Waldheim, Rob McMeekin, Roleback, Simon Reynolds, Inkel Recordings, Flowdown, Rafael Humberto de Lima Moretti, Jayjay, Matt (aka Fiver), Jay Dabbler, Free4orm and Mr. Sensi.
DJ Destiny list info supplied by DJ Destiny, DJ Deluxe, David Broomhead and Sassy.

And for the original list: Dom (ex-maintainer www.breaks.com), Jordana LeSesne, Stephen Dickinson, Jon Hazan, James Carter, Ylja Karmelk, Cyberpunk, Mike Shum, Harvey Tyler, Scott Crain, Jason Leder, Dieselboy, Erik Wiegand, Nikki (st3nb@jetson), st4ot@jetson, Jukka Sammalvuo and a BIG thank you to Adrian Meads for his long list and Don William Voorhies for his MASSIVE contribution (great to hear from you again!!!).

Send all additions and corrections to the adress at the end.
And remember: Don't think that others will give some info... do it yourself!
It's better to get the same info from 3 persons than to not get it at all!


Samples from music

Samples from movies and television

Partially Identified

If you can fill an empty spot, then please tell me!
This file may be distributed only if all credits are intact.
For all other use (including commercial use), please contact me first!

The Manipulator, jJungle@westbrabant.net (remove the first character!!)