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DISCLAIMER: every tune listed here was found good enough to buy! The reviews may seem a bit harsh, but whatever I say about it, I like them. Unless clearly stated otherwise that is!
At first this is partly a set of reviews and partly just a list of tunes I found good enough to buy.

July 1, 2001

Yet another trip to London has ended. Some very good tunes...

J Majik vs Hatira - Spaced Invaders [Defected/Infrared 1-sided promo]

Awesome tune! Lots of filtering. I think most people will know this tune!

Unknown (Shoebox 18 doublepack promo)

Found this one for a pound! Can find anything about it on the net, but it may well be another John B production (lots of sax again).
A side starts of with a minimal beat and "When the fire starts" vocal, followed by a sax (and later on some chords which clash with the sax). The main part is quite minimal as well.
The flip brings us a much harder tune, which opens with a beat, a vocal and some horn and guitar stabs. With a synth break we drop into a harder middle. Nice tune.
The second disc starts with the "something special" bells and an intro beat that is coloured by a lot of vocal snippets and horn stabs. This melodic extended intro (it runs halfway through this side) then drops into... the same beat that was running, just the aditional sounds are gone! Sounds a bit like an anti-climax. There are some bright splashes of sound in this part as well.
The last tune starts with a soft intro beat, which is quickly joined by a harsh synth. The drop bring us to a nicely rolling tune with filtered drum fills.
A very nice doublepack, though I think it lacks an outstanding tune.

Worth listening

Moving Fusion - Atlantis (Bad Company remix) [Ram]

Both sides are great! BC's remix starts with old style stabs and hoover.

Bad Company - Book of the Bad [Bad Company]

Various - Playaz 4 Real

Very good album by the Ganja kru, with some guest tunes.

May 15, 2001

Back from a new trip to London. Not too much new stuff, but some nice classics!

Skeptic - Media/Tear [East side]

New promo from Skeptic on East Side. A-side is probably not everybody's cup of tea, but especially those with Latin Freestyle (or Todd Edwards club) taste won't have much problems with the chopped up vocal intro.
Tune starts with nice chopped up vocal bit, over which some vocal choirs are layered (that also pops it's head every now and again during the track). Main part is the usual compressed amen with a distorted analogue synth. Great tune!

A Sides ft MC Fats - Crazy VIP [East side]

VIP remix of Crazy with vocals from MC Fats. Nice melodic intro that drops into an amen stormer (well, what else did you expect??). Nice one!

Worth listening

On A Roll EP [Mac II]

New EP on Mac II.


The following records I'd like to get the artist and titles of:

  • Noir #4
  • Easy #10
  • Easy #18

And from a friend I've gotten the following record to ID:

  • Lionheart (10")

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