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...to A paradise online for Anastacia FANz! This site gives you the best Anastacia info, media & latest news! Be sure to check out every section on this site, take your time, and enjoy the online world of: Anastacia...


02.09.02 - Battle of the bitches! New gallery...

{exclusive} sadly, Anastacia lost it! The sugababes with "Round Round" are one place higher then Anastacia, cuz she entered the Dutch Top 40 at... Number 26! (Shit hey!) that's very high! (But the Sugababes are the highest new entry this week! #25 =(
 It looks like Anastacia gets her 4th top ten hit in the Netherlands... Maybe number one? Then you have to buy her single now! (or vote)


{exclusive} Opened a new picture gallery! Very cool - and beautiful scans, check it out! World Music Awards (10)
Don't take any scan! they are exclusive for Fanatic!


28.08.02 - Anastacia hits #1 spot !!!

In Ana's 3rd week she hits the #1 spot in the Dutch Tipparade! So, I think "Why'd you lie to me" will enter the Top 40 next week! Come back Monday to check out where she debuted in the chart! Don't forget that her single is out now, go buy it and hopefully she hits the #1 spot in the Top 40...

28.08.02 ]
Anastacia  is #3 most requested songs on radio 538 (vote some more, click!) You can also request her at "the Box" now, code 570 (0909-9798) Holland...


01. Why'd You Lie To Me (album version)
02. Why'd You Lie To Me (M*A*S*H Master Mix)
03. Why'd You Lie To Me (M*A*S*H Deep Club)
04. Why'd You Lie To Me (Kardinal Beats Mix)
05. Why'd You Lie To Me (video)

Anastacia filmed a Dr. Pepper commercial with Cyndi Lauper this weekend! More info soon!

Added 8 *new*  affiliates! Plz visit them all! They are really great... [ Proceed ] & watch my latest button (100*35) to link me! (Also joined the Angelina Jolie fanlisting, see affiliates)

18.08.02 - Why'd you lie to me, video, pic & info

Anastacia just won the Comet award for "act international" in Germany !!! In front of Kylie Minogue, Alanis Morissette, Ronan Keating, & O-Town. She dedicates the award to the victims of the flood-disaster, she said: "It's breaking my heart" ...

This one is for: Sarah! :) The award acceptance, Realplayer required: [ Play ]
 Now, what do you think about this? 48 captures of the "Why'd you lie to me" performance... [ Launch ]

I added a *new* affiliate! This beautiful site is called: Shy Girls! I also changed the random affiliates, and added Shy Girls & my favo Angelina Jolie site: Jolie Fication...

Currently we have 26 members in the Anastacia FANlisting! Please do not forget that you must add a lil' button if you joined it! (Not if you are my affiliate) thx! [ Visit ]
The single "Why'd you lie to me" will be released *new date* on september 2 in the UK!

1. Why'd You Lie To Me - album version
2. Why'd You Lie To Me - M.A.S.H Remix
3. Bad Girls - Feat. Jamiroquai performed at the BRITS 2002
4. Why'd You Lie To Me - Enhanced Video

1. Why'd You Lie To Me - album version
2. Why'd You Lie To Me - Omar's UK Kardinal Mix
3. Boom - album version
4. Boom - Enhanced Video


11.08.02 - Anastacia FANlisting!

I made a freaky fanlisting for you, so be sure to join it! It's a really cool site, and the lay-out is based on the 'Not That Kind' video! go visit it right now: anastacia-fanlisting.cjb.net
I'm goin' to add some cool buttons today!

{ update } I'm gettin' so sick of all that shit they play on tmf, no Anastacia at all! So, she needs a little help! From you... her fans!
 On tmf.nl, you can vote for your favo videos, if Anastacia gets enough votes, you will find her in the "Interactive Chart" (a top 10)... Wich the play whole day! If we all vote a few times for "why'd you lie to me" every day, Ana will be on TV non-stop! So, What are you waiting for? You only have to fill in a very simple form... (Translate: Fill in your 3 favo videos) Please check it! (If you have a website, please save my banners and link them like I did!)


PS, If you don't know what to fill in on number 2 & 3, take my favo songs of the moment:
2. Las ketchup The ketchup song
3. Attomic kitten The tide is high (get the feeling)


Okay, watch the Why'd you lie to me video now! The quality is kinda crappy, I hope to get a better one soon!

[ Play ]
thx Alex

06.08.02 - Headlines & Flashes!

Anastacia FANatic is back online! I have no exclusive news, and the "Why'd you lie to me" video is still not online! In the future I will update some sections on this site, I will add the official lyrics for "Freak Of Nature" and some high quality music videos! Like I'm Outta Love, Not That Kind, Cowboys & Kisses, Made For Lovin' You, One Day In Your Life & Boom!


>> On the Howard Stern show, Anastacia told this about the new video: 'I'm in a bed, under the sheets at some point.' Howard: 'You dance?' Anastacia: 'Yes I dance...'

>> DenDen reports: GET an eyeful of sexy singer ANASTACIA’s new look. The chart star binned her trademark glasses for the video of new single Why’d You Lie To Me. In their place she has stuck sequins all around her peepers. A spokesman at her label Epic says: “Anastacia loves wearing specs and they suit her. But she felt like a bit of a change and we love the results. She doesn’t wear her glasses for the start of the new video but she hates wearing contact lenses. I don’t know how she managed because she is as blind as a bat.” Why’d You Lie To Me is out this month.

>> Anastacia hits the #1 spot on Open House Party. One Day In Your Life is currently the most requested song!

[ thx atv ]

Latest Headlines on Anastacia FANatic:
001. Watch Anastacia @  the FIFA World Cup 2002! [ Play ] that video! *back online soon*

002. Anastacia sang the National Anthem at the 2002 Major League Baseball All-Star Game! [ Play ]

003. Be sure to buy Jay Kay's new single, out somewhere this week, it contains "Bad Girls"! Listen to the track at the multimedia section!

004. Why'd You Lie To Me is Anastacia's stunning new single...
[ Click ] for the cover! Keep checking MTV for the premiere of the video, the single is out on 27/08/02...


17.07.02 - Why'd You Lie To Me Cover & DVD

   *new* icon for our FANz forum   The cover for Anastacia's *new* single "Why'd You Lie To Me" is online, wanna see it? [ Click ]
This is the promo version, but I think the original cover will be the same... And, the video will be on television really soon I think, so keep checking!

>> I saw the show and it was very cool! I really enjoyed it, so here is a funny quote, they where talking about Anastacia's  ultimate house or something: ...Underground parking, for my driver that I'll have out here, because god knows i won't be able to drive on the left side, cuz that fuckin' won't work, oh oh! sorry. *peep* won't work!


>> Anastacia's first DVD EP will be released August 20 in the US! It contains the video for "One Day In Your Life", plus a 25- minute special featuring behind-the-scenes footage, interviews, and more! Well, why not in Europe!? I totally don't get it! We are waiting for ages! :(


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