Madison little corner

La Paloma
Have I Told
Paradise Bird
Barefoot dance
Cocker Farewell
TerangBulan1 (Indo)
Terang Bulan2 (Indo)
Spiegel-beeld. (Dutch)
Am i that easy to forget
Heartaches by the number
Uncle Frits had a farm
I love you because
Help me make it
I fall to peaces

I'm so lonesome i could cry
Lonesome without you
Waktu potong padi
You belong to me
El Polo

La Paloma
Dutch lullaby
Swanny river .
We will make love
Una Paloma Blanca
Uncle Frits had a farm
Heartaches by the number
English Country garden
Climb the mountain
Dancing Puppets
Amazing Grace
Blue Moon.
March mix
Golf car

A little bit Peace
Blame it on your Heart
Hello hello Bandung
San Juan Fishermen