Introduction :

HTMLtidy (otherwise known as Tidy) is an OpenVMS port (sort of...)of Dave Raggett's Tidy, which is a program designed to tidy up your HTML source files. It can adjust the layout of the source to make it easier for you to read, wrapping lines and indenting tables and lists etc. It also checks and corrects HTML and XML source, and does a nice job on slimming HTML pages created with MS Word 2000. Nowadays Tidy is developed as a source forge project. Go there, if you want documentation or the latest sources.

Download and installation :

Files are compressed in ZIP format. So UNZIP is required for extracting files. Unzip for OpenVMS is available on the freeware CD (in the "000Tools" directory).
Download Tidy for OpenVMS Alpha (170 kB)
Download Tidy for OpenVMS VAX (120 kB)

After unzipping you have to make a foreign command for it :

$ TIDY == "$install_device:[install_dir]TIDY.EXE"

if you put this line in your, you won't have to repeat it the next time you log in.

Rebuilding from scratch :

The executables above where created with the sources dated 2 September 2002. If you want to rebuild Tidy from scratch, you can get the C-sources from If you use the command file or makefile that I put in the zip files above, it should compile/link without a warning (only some informational messages).
Author : Michiel Erens  Date : 3 October 2002