ME Iceland tours

I made my first tour in 1987 with an organized group, on a jeepsafari. We crossed many parts of the country including the interior with a Landrover. Not only did we see the main tourist attractions like Geysir, Mývatn and Landmannalaugar, we also went to less known areas like Snæfellsnes and the hard to reach Kverkfjöll. Route 1st tour
Route 2nd tour I was completely devastated by the impressions of the first tour. So I decided to go back, but now on a bicycle. In 1989 I cycled from Seydisfjördur in the east to Akureyri in the north, as part from a bigger tour Holland - England - Scotland - Shetland islands - Faroer - Iceland. This time I visited the quiet eastern coastal road, Hljodaklettar, Dettifoss and Myvatn (again). From Akureyri I took the bus through the interior to Reykjavik and saw the hotspring area Hveravellir.
In 1996 I decided to go to Snæfellsnes and the Westfjords, but ended in the most southern part of the country, Vik. I made a report of this trip. Route 3rd tour
Route 4th tour In 1998 I went to the part of the country that I hadn't visited till then, the Eastfjords. I stayed mainly in Egilsstadir, from where I made day- and multiday trips in the surrounding area. I also visited the southcoast, east of Höfn.
In 2000 I went to the peninsulas in the north. I also visited some places I wanted to see for a long time like Hvallfjordur and the west bank of Dettifoss. You can find a tourreport here. Route 5th tour
Route 6th tour In 2002 I spent most of the time around the Thorsá river in the south of Iceland. I made a difficult trip on a track along the west site of the river to Kerlingarfjöll. I also went to the lakes of Veidivötn, and to the Vestmannaeyjar. A tour report is still in the making, but you will find some pictures here.
In 2003 I had no plans to go to Iceland. But the Karahnjukar project, a plan to build a huge dam in the eastern highlands, made me decide to visit this area before it was drowned. A tour report is still in the making, but you will find some pictures here. Route 7th tour
Route 8th tour My eight tour in 2004. More like a hiking tour with my bicycle as a luggage carrier than a cycling tour. The area in the south that I describe on my cycling page as "one of the most interesting in Iceland" was the target. Some pictures are here.
My ninth tour in 2006. Up through the Sprengisandur-route, down through the Kjölur-route. But often on lesser traveled tracks. Pictures are here. Route 9th tour
Route 10th tour My tenth tour in 2007. A short one where I hiked the famous Laugarvegur trail.
My 11th tour went back to the Westfjords, but this time instead of taking ferries, I cycled most of the time. Pictures are here. Route 11th tour
Route 12th tour My 12th tour was a tour of extremes, visiting remote places in the centre of Iceland and the north-east corner Langanes. Pictures are here.
On my 13th tour I wanted to do three short loops near Mýrdalsjökull, but ended doing only two. Pictures are here. Route 13th tour
Route 14th tour On my 14th tour I connected a lot of roads and tracks that were on my wishlist to one route from the west to the south via the north. Pictures are here.
On my 15th tour I went back to east Iceland to see what Kárahnjúkar looked like, and also to ride some roads and tracks that I had not done before, or done only by bus. Pictures are here. Route 15th tour
Route 16th tour My 16th tour (June/July 2013) in West Iceland wasn't my best.
On my 17th tour (August 2014) my plan was to cycle the Sprengisandur, but I had to change it because the Bardarbunga volcano threatend to erupt. Route 17th tour
Route 17th tour On my 18th tour (August 2015) I wanted to combine routes that I had to skip on my 16th and 17th tour. But still had to change plans halfway because large parts of the interior were closed.
On the map you see all the tours I made. As you can see, I've been in most corners of the country. But I still have wishes. Routes of all my tours