Nadja's Page

On this page you can visualize the development of a Daliena kitten from week to week.

Nadja 1 day old


With great pleasure I announce the birth of :

Daliena's Nadia Els (an anagram)...... Nadja!

Nadja is born on the 17th of  september 2005.

She is the fifth generation of Daliena's and the first daughter of Gr. Int.Ch. Daliena's Kasparin and  Int. Ch. Daliena's Djagilevs Yulia.

 Yulia and I enjoyed her company very much.....


Yulia and Nadja 6 days old


Nadja 10 days 


Look what a cutie our little girl has become...


Nadja 2 weeks old


Nadja can already climb and scramble


Today Nadja is 3 weeks 


How time flies: is she really already 4 weeks ?


Where is she hiding?


Oh....there she is!!!! 4 weeks


Nadja 5 weeks and starting to become a lady!


Nadja has at the age of 5 weeks the weight of 650 grams, which is rather big for a little girl


Nadja 6 weeks, see the difference


Yulia and Nadja relaxing on the karpet


Nadja little art, in front of the window


Nadja 7 weeks becomes a beauty (?)


Nadja 8 weeks"oh, no she doesn't......."


Nadja 8 weeks posing for the picture


Nadja sleepy at 9 weeks


Nadja 10 weeks together with old-uncle Piotr


Nadja 10 weeks, hmmm you can see who is in charge these days.....


Nadja 11 weeks, just push a little and it still fits 



Oh, what a sweety, my Nadja at 11 weeks


Nadja 12 weeks is decorating her Christmas-tree!


Nadja 13 weeks has packed her suitcase to leave....

On the 18th of december 2005 Nadja left for her new home. This was a black day in my life


Nadja now, at the age of 7 months, living very happy in her new surroundings. She grew up to a lovely and (of course) still pigheaded young woman.....


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Nadja's page
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