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update the 6th of februari 2015


  Daliena's Catlijntje, Davine and Gazpacho on a rainy saterday afternoon ( here still in Spain )



"Daliena" is the russian word for "valley". This Cattery moved from the Frisian Tjongervalley (Holland) via a hilltop overlooking the sea at the Costa del Sol, to a smaller hill by Alcanar overlooking the valley of Vinaros and Peņiscola (Spain) to return finally back in Frysland in january 2013.

from Makkinga Frysland

From Makkinga Frysland

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to Comares Andalucia...


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and Alcanar Catalonya...

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My name is Tineke Hofma


june 2010


  Almost 30 years now, I have lived among them and I am very much interested in everything what there is to know, around and about, the beautiful cat called: 


Only in 1996 I started breeding these wonderful creatures. After studying the differences in type, I decided what course to take. All cats from various families which I needed for my Cattery, I have gathered in those years. I try to know as much as I can about the ancestors of my Russians before using them for breeding. My first selection therefore, is always for health and character!

I prefer the big robust traditional english Russian Blue with his "Russian Look", high ears and his outstanding good mood. For the variety in genes and also to improve some of the features, I used different american Russians so far to accomplish this, just to return to my favourite english type immediately after. Now I try to find a balance to come to the written FIFe standard.

As you can see on the pictures, a Daliena Russian Blue, is an easy cat, full of confidence and not quickly in stress. Most Daliena's like it when you come to admire them on a cat-show, where they usually attract attention by their lazy, yawning attitude together with a, however allways sweet but therefore not false to understand, slightly aristocratic air......


Great International Premior Daliena's Piotr (14 years, in november 2010)


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