Highly Popular ACARS Decoder
Windows 95 / 98 / ME / XP + SB-SOUNDCARD

WACARS version 0.7 "Thanks Mike Roberts"
incl. live message decoding and live aircraft tracking.

Registration Code For WACARS 0.7 U4NHFOJFOPLEB

(wacars works also without the registration)

Download here WACARS version 07
All datas here are freeware and MAY NOT be used, recompiled, interpretted, or distributed for ANY purpose
without the express WRITTEN consent of the author. COMMERCIAL USE of this datas are STRICTLY prohibited!


I have decided that I can provide updates when I update only aircrafts and routes using ACARS and not Mode-S anymore.

Database of aircraft registrations and aircraft types AIRCRAFT.WDF ZIP FILE UPDATE 22 JAN 2012
Database of IATA and ICAO airports designators AIRPORTS.WDF ZIP FILE UPDATE 16 DEC 2009
Database of ground station names GROUND.WDF ZIP FILE UPDATE 21 JAN 2007
Database for message decoding MESSAGE.WDF ZIP FILE UPDATE 21 JAN 2007
Database for airline names AIRLINES.WDF ZIP FILE UPDATE 08 APR 2013
Database of ACARS modes MODES.WDF ZIP FILE UPDATE 21 JAN 2007
Database of flight routes ROUTES.WDF ZIP FILE UPDATE 08 APR 2013

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Any questions, additions or corrections email info@wacars.nl


Database of flight routes
By: pdw@caiw.nl HOLLAND
By: Dahlia Barg Holland

Thanks to:
Hegedûs Viktor Hungary / Tony Fletcher Canada / Andreas Schmidt Germany / Spikey Mikey UK /
Trevor Richens UK / Kerekes Gábor Hungary /Lee Choong Singapore / Ettore Zambotto Italy /
Paolo Fallavollita & Stefano Sella Italy / Vytautas Rimkevicius Lithuania / Stefano Alessi Italy

WACARS V0.7 Instruction and Installation Manual..........
The readme file is built in the download files when you download WACARS zip file



(by: Pdw)
North 58.00 East 17.00 South 45.00 West -20.00


POSITION MAP Nordic countries zip.file
(by: Finn aka Jari)
North 71.2 East 32.2 South 54.5 West 0.45


POSITION MAP Northeast USA zip.file
(by: J. Paul Patton)

North 45.00 East -66.00 South 40.00 West -74.00


POSITION MAP Mapa de España zip.file
(by: Valdivia España)

North 44.00 East 4.50 South 35.00 West -10.00


POSITION MAP Holland zip.file
(by: Willem van Oosten)

North 54.00 East 9.00 South 50.00 West 0.00


POSITION MAP Newfoundland Canada zip.file
(by: Barry Harris)

North 56 East -40 South 40 West -60


POSITION MAP Italy zip.file
(by: Pdw)
North 47.00 East 18.00 South 40.00 West 5.00


POSITION MAP The Baltic States zip file

(By: VRimk)
North 60.60 East 35.00 South 49.80 West 17.50


Position map Australia zip file

(By www.CQDX11.com)

Coordinates ?