you're downloading a great new frontcover-image
at a mere 111 k,
well worth the wait too . . .
Gabriel Schachinger king Ludwig II of Bavaria
Gabriel Schachinger king Ludwig II of Bavaria
devoted to the king, as always . . .

more on my special bond with the king
(I was born 105 years to the day after his royal highness) on this page

server problem at queerlog tonight so darkroomdiary upload of june 11th 2015 delayed untill ?

last imagerotation: sept 21st '10.
remember the earlier splashpage
dedicated to Frank Frazetta

I'm not trying to be balanced
I'm not very good at that . .
and it may very well be
that I offend some visitors here and there.
These pages are not here to be friendly.
On the other hand
I'm not trying to convert you to my beliefs.
If nevertheless you find me too preachy
or want to react or inform,
please do it to ad@a-new-adress.

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